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Had all but forgotten the role of film lift in the camera. It had only been developed. After jennie had learned the camera to a friend while beset with mixed emotions as she relived joyous moments of that fateful day she stopped to stare at one in particular farda graph that made her blood run cold. The photo was averse son damian. The last one ever taken of the boy in which he poses with an uneasy expression on his face standing next to an intimidating figure dressed only in leopard print lawyer cloth and wearing a demonic looking mosque with horns on his head. Jenny had no memory of the picture being taken that she suddenly recalled the disturbing figure before arriving at the gates of luna park. A godsend family were treated to the spectacle of parade in the streets on sydney harbour while there was no clear theme to the participants and nothing to declare the purpose of the festive gathering. There was a distinctly folk sensibility about the parade. The cow headed figure had to jenny's memory. Seemed to be the parades ringleader. At one point he had stopped his prancing. Intend to stare at the goldstone boys. He approached young. Damian towering over the shot child momentarily before placing a friendly arm around the boy's shoulders or john jenny's husband captured the moment on film after sharing the far with friends family and ultimately with the investigators comparisons made between the figure in the photograph and the ancient canaanite god all damon depending on which version of the story read neronha's moloch moloch. A monstrous idol often represented as having the head of a cow is associated with the very origins of child sacrifice. Depictions of the idol suggests that it was essentially a great bronze oven into which children would be placed to be burnt alive as outlandish as it sounds. People found it hard to let go of the connection between this pagan entity and the way in which the guards trained fire saint peculiar confined not touching the rest of the puck and almost exclusively targeting children had this devil haunt man being responsible for the blaze that night. Was this some sinister way to offer up. Human sacrifices to an ancient gold a damian goodson been targeted or chosen. Jenny blamed something. Evil was at work but they're mystery remained. Who exactly was the horned mosques man other investigators maintained that no such supernatural involvement was needed to cause the tragedy. Sydney had plenty of her own monsters. In nineteen eighty queensland a new south wales along with newark new jersey would be voted in the top five most corrupt state in the western world while notorious convicted murderer and former cop roger. The dodger roberson was terrorizing. The streets at sydney. Another so-called businessman was weaving his spell on the politicians and police of australia's premise abe saffron a self-described collector of things was one of those almost legendary criminal figgis who committed a crime every single day of his adult life and in the end just like al capone wound up serving time in prison for tax evasion known to the public through the tabloids as mr sin saffron was one of the most powerful and successful of sydney's crime bosses an by far the most unusual most of his money came not from the time honored mob tradition of standing over other illegal businesses but from owning and operating his own entertainment venues. It just so happened. That much of the entertainment. He offered alcohol gambling and prostitution was illegal or at least heavily legislated at the time because of the need to protect his many establishments and due to his business skills he became a key underworld figure involved in the corruption of politicians and police over a period of several decades saffron was born in sydney in nineteen nineteen like my serious criminals. It chose to serve his country during world tune on the homefront by the second half of the nineteen forties. He aren't a number of pubs and nightclubs for years. Pubs and clubs in australia had to stop selling alcohol at six. Pm bringing about the infamous. Six o'clock swill and leave gap in the market but seffrin would feel his. Fortune was founded on flouting. The war and post-war restrictions on the supply and serving of bia safran would illegally transfer grog from his hotels to his clubs where it would be sold at night for enormous mockups. He attracted people to his clubs by bringing out top american singers such as frank sinatra and made extra money from the prostitution that occurred on some of his premises expanded into other states evaded official efforts to restrict his activities by taking out most of liquor licenses in other people's names a sex addict himself. One of the few prosecutions. He faced was for participating in an orgy at palm beach saffron sold pornography and provided blue movies to cinemas at his height he had interest in one hundred brothels on for a while as massage studios and fifty nightclubs around the country in nineteen sixty europe. Industraliazed i strip club the staccato. In kings cross soon followed by the iconic pink pussy cat and many others he took over the lease of leg goals and later financed gay clubs upon saffron death in two thousand and six. He's son allen said. My father was a visionary and the founder of the modern entertainment industry in australia providing fabulous clubs pubs gambling and sex to the public. All of which is legal. Today there is some truth in that tomorrow. Again from the notorious own seffrin will simply responding to the will of the people out today suffer on fit into the history of luna potluck and the tragedy that claimed seven lives on the night of june ninth. nineteen seventy-nine it would take six years for any suggestion of his involvement to be made public immediately following. The trend fire luna park was closed by new south wales authorities in order to launch a. Full coronial inquest. Investigation lasted for a month as they carefully inspected the ruins of the ride itself as well as the infrastructure of the sydney fairground all preceding from an assumption that the lack of proper maintenance would undoubtedly have been the reason for the fire. Corrina kevin anderson concluded that the rides wiring an internal systems but not the source of the mission while he went on to criticize the pokka parades and stuff the failing to ensure it even basic fire suppression systems were readily available. Norring advice given by the city council and the fire department the previous year. He also reluctantly determined that the negligence on their part could not constitute a criminal charge given that complete failure in duty of care to park patrons. The lease held by the management on the puck was vacated. No cause for the fire was ever identified by the end of the month of july new south wales government. Cold for new tenders falloon apac. The recently deposed manages submitted new tenders twice both were rejected. It was time for the puck to enter a new season in the year that followed the entire park was demolished and rebuilt to new standards but the iconic smiling face was listed as an australian heritage site meeting could not be removed or destroyed and the puck could not be raised to make way for another series of harbourside apartment buildings in nineteen eighty five a member of australia's parliament michael john hatton publicly alleged that abe saffron had been in a position of beneficial ownership of luna park the time of the fire this salacious pace of gossip sparked a renewed interest in the event which was made all the more potent the following year. When you south wales authorities determine the fire was worth investigating and reopened the ghost train. Fire case of particular interest to the new investigative team was the ape saffron had been linked to no less than seven cases of awesome on sydney's business properties which he had same keenly interested in muttonchop a sydney-based who had been involved with lou nepad stated that sometime in nineteen seventy seven abe saffron had approached had hopkins the owner of the puck side with an offer to purchase the property from him up. Ken's was not interested but reports on the character abe saffron suggests that he was not a man to give up easily. The nineteen eighty-six investigation uncovered ties between iran and a sydney amusements company which had supplied luna park with the pinball and arcade machines. Police now had two possibilities to consider firstly that. I've ron furious. Ted hopkins refusal to sell and determined to get what he wanted arranged for an accident to occur. Which would force the puck to cease operations and diminish its value saffron. Could've been swooped in and picked up the property at a bargain price. And then make a small fortune. Secondly they consider that saffron had been exerting a rolling interest in pocket says through this amusement supply me a puppet by which he could gradually take over. this would render the fire and shipping was deliberately lit to be something more like a ploy to collect on insurance and again provide the opportunity to rebuild the puck into a more profitable and this second investigation ultimately concluded that while the ties to saffron. We're raising concern. There was no way he could conceivably have benefited from disaster. This was something. Safran himself had maintained over the years as he repeatedly denied any involvement or knowledge of the ghost train fire s for his connections to the archives supply at this point in his career saffron had ties to nearly everyone interestingly while. No new evidence was presented at the conclusion of the second investigation. The team involved did conclude that the initial coronial inquiry had not been conducted to a sufficient stand. Nothing of consequence ever came from this and the public gradually began to move on from the story. Then in two thousand seven cephlon's niece anne buckingham claimed in an interview with the sydney morning herald that her uncle was indeed responsible for the fire. Buckingham claimed the attack was part of a plan for several to gain control of lou. Nepalis lease although she stated her belief that the seven deaths were not intended buckingham later denied. She made the comments attributed to her and attempted to have the story retracted. It's worth noting that her allegations were only made the year following abe saffron looking over photos of ghost train. It's easy to see why it would go up so quickly. The building was entirely wooden and the maze of maintenance cardinals and service. Covens meant that it was virtually impossible to detect the first stages of afire take into account that the puck substantive fire system and the lack of a proper maintenance schedule were well-known. It paints a convincing picture of an opportunity for anyone with a motive. However even to those with a motive there would have been no benefit at all in starting a blaze at the time when the park was crowded with patrons risking innocent lives saffron and others like him in his day were ruthless in business bullies liars and thieves but rarely let their violence spill out onto people who had nothing to do with them. If saffron had ordered the asan men would have had no trouble jumping the gate after midnight talk was not exactly a secure location. It is worth mentioning that. The ghost train file was not the first issue that luna park had experienced in the year of nineteen seventy nine earlier in april a malfunction on one of the cars on the big dipper caused a collision. That injured thirteen people investigation into this incident determined that. Wear and tear on the ride and a lack of proper maintenance. Were to blame. Just because no source of ignition was ever identified does not necessarily point to foul play there are a number of unintentional ways in which spock left unchecked can create an inferno on a bright spring day you can explore the artists row of levin bay where you can see tributes sculptures by many australia's top artists. Generally there will be people milling about private. School goes will be having a blanketed. Nick lunch in wonderfully curated wendy's garden named after brett wesley's wife who selfless gardening has sculpted one of the best features of the hottest city. If you look carefully you may see the sculpture just west of blue nepad around the back a depiction of cartoon like figure bending ifa with a teapot on its head playful and fun then along the cavs stone below other names john. Craig and damian godson jonathan billings richard carroll michael johnson and shames readily along with a. Play that we must look. After our children. The sculpture was done by australian cartoonist. Michael lunatic voted as national living treasure by the national trust. The inscription reads to all those who take refuge in this place. Make a small commitment to the protection to children. As they play there was a nationwide search for the man dressed as morlock at the farda he appeared to be in his twenties at the time. It was taken putting him in his late teens..

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