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Cumberbatch the story of one man's journey toward redemption and survival patrick melrose premiers may twelfth on showtime hold on gave me this will release the do will feature new dances not see a provocative new play by seasonally park and a soulful tribute to bill withers noshows and some special news about the dualist guide to the very best in bay area arts and fun this friday and every friday morning at six twenty two and eight twenty two on morning edition this is michael krasny here's what's coming up today on forum in our second hour with mina kim former white house photographer pete souza chronicle president obama's eightyear term day in and day out his new book obama an intimate portrait features some of the nearly two million images he captured over the course of his tenure he'll join us in the studio to discuss his work as a photojournalist and his thoughts about the current political climate join us for forum nine to eleven here on kqed public radio in the nine o'clock hour form will discuss napa counties measure see the measure would strengthen protections for oak woodland and water resources from development here from supporters and opponents of that measure again meena cam with forum beginning at nine o'clock this morning for the bait today sunny and breezy highs ranging from the seventies to the low eighties mostly sunny and windy today for the southern sacramento valley with highs between eighty and eighty five all in all a pretty goodlooking mother's day weekend ahead weatherwise it's seven after three i'm michael state on public radio this is morning edition from npr news i'm david green and i'm rachel martin good morning general john kelly is at the center of what is arguably the turbulent presidential the most turbulent presidential administration in modern times a decorated fourstar marine corps general with four decades in the service he serves as chief of staff in the trump white house npr's john burnett sat down with john kelly in his office at the white house yesterday for an exclusive interview joins me in the studio this morning hey john very rachel so general kelly doesn't give a lot of on the record interviews how did this come to be.

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