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Excuse me. Thanks to test. The by the way for filling in for me on Friday and still trying to get over this dumb cold. Drives me crazy. All right. Let's say good morning ABC's. Karen Travers, take care and good morning. They so tell me now eight point six billion is what the president wants for his southern border now. Correct me if I'm wrong, and he couldn't get a five dollar can get a dollar. Increase is going to somehow work. They doesn't mean they do think it's gonna work. It just is a way to signal to supporters that this is still a very top priority. And that the president is pushing forward on it as much as he possibly can. Because you're right. The five point seven billion dollar request was of course denied by congress. He didn't get any of that money, and that set off the longest government shutdown in US history that request in the fight over that money. So now, the president in his budget proposal is requesting eight point six billion dollars for a border wall. And congress tends to look at these as a wishlist, this is a starting point for negotiations. This is the cynical view in Washington. It's it's a press release. It's a list of proposals with dollar amounts attached to it that really will not end up being what congress considers as they move forward in the appropriations process. Congress is the authority has the authority to approve how federal money is spent and they send that to the president. But this is now middle of March they have until September. To get all of this done and every year at this time of year. This is what we see from an administration, no matter which party is in power, and I get that. I mean, you have to it's like when we do a contract negotiation. Of course, you say I would like a ten million dollar contract company comes. Well, that's not the reality where we're going to start. So you know, you and you're sending a message by doing that. And you can turn to your supporters say, look, I am still fighting for this border wall. I want all of this money. Even though the reality is it's not going to happen. And you know, the president could have proposed this last year when the Republicans control the house and Senate, and it still would have been a pretty big fight. And now with the Democrats controlling the house, they have an important voice in this process. Which makes it even more unlikely that this budget proposal gains any significant ground on Capitol Hill. And that's what makes some people nervous especially federal workers. And then the trickle down effect from that are we in for another government shutdown. I mean, we're a long ways away from that. The government is funded through the end of September as it is every year with the budget process. They always have a deadline September thirtieth to approve government funding for the next fiscal year. What we tend to see is the controversial agencies and departments get that extension pushing into December pushing into whatever month, you know. Always kinda goes in these short little bursts. We'll see what happens over the summer though. I think nobody should be concerned yet a shutdown. But what this is signaling is that the president with an eye on twenty twenty is sending a very strong message that he is still going to try and fight as much as he can for this top priority. How do Democrats come and fight back today? Do they just immediately come out and go this is the most reckless spending plan I've ever seen condemn it. And then move on what what happens mean, they basically declared a dead on arrival, and that's such a cliche in Washington. But that's what they said that that congress had refused to fund the president's while before and as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said in a statement, the president was forced to admit defeat. The same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again, we have not seen the full details of the budget proposal will get that later today. All right. Thanks so much care and have a good day. Thanks, hope you feel better. Thank you one of those dumb colds, it just wants to hang around later by. All right. That's ABC's. Karen travers. So I apologize in advance. If I break it up, and you know in and out today. That's why it's just a stupid cold. But again, my huge thanks to Tessa for jumping in and doing it. She's so sweet Stephen tax me like right after the show. Everything went great hope you're feeling well like come on that girl just big hugs to her. So I really appreciate it. All right. Let's get back to some of the other stories coming out of the KFI. Twenty four hour newsroom. San anita's main track is reopened. So one mile track is open for limited training track. Officials say practices restricted to joggers and Gallopers the surface has been closed completely for the last week experts have been out taking soil samples and making improvements for most of that time twenty one horses have died at the track since the end of December Santa Anita says racing will likely resume in a couple of weeks. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. And just so many questions about that for these horses. All in the same. Stable area has that stable area been tested. I mean, I'm sure it probably has. But I mean, how do you twenty one twenty one so fast just since after Christmas? That's the thing. That's got everybody scratching their heads. I mean, we all know that racing is a is a tough sports. It can be very difficult on the horses. There are all kinds of allegations about what kind of medicine and how they're forced to run in that sort of thing. But even beyond that, I just want to go to the basics of environment, and the soil and the ground and the weather, and, you know, just the mother nature effects of stuff. It's just it's gonna take awhile before they figure it out. All right. A woman's been fatally shot in Compton after some men crashed a birthday party. The woman was hosting police. Got a call yesterday about three thirty in the morning and found the woman shot dead in the driveway. She'd been shot after the party crashes were asked to leave that party a UC Irvine student was stabbed at a student apartment community. Police say the woman was approached from behind last night while walking her dog she was listed in stable condition at the hospital. The man who stabbed her is only described as someone with a large build more college students are punching in to pay for school. I do study by international banking firm HSBC found more students in the US are spending more time at work than studying or going to class about eighty five percent of current college. Students are working and going to school many say they need to keep up with rising rent and school related costs. In fact, researchers say call is students are now spending six times more money than their parents on their college educations. But all this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Experts say the bigger the hustle, the more organized and focused -tudents become on their studies. Monica. Rix, KFI news. Newport Beach and see us a one point seven million dollar trash collector to stop garbage from flowing into the bay. The Newport bay water will be the second in the nation and the first on the west coast. Newport Beach engineer, John Kappler says the solar powered will captures eighty percent of trash floating down the San Diego creek. It uses the motion of the river to a decree attornal wheel and that runs a conveyor belt runs. The trash up the conveyor belt dumps it into a trash dumpster. We hook up to the dumpster haul. It off the will will be paid for using a state grant and is expected to be ready for collecting by next year. Corbin Carson KFI news. Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell says criticism by President Trump had no role in the feds choice to slow down interest rate hikes Powell says the pause is because of the slowing global economy and other risks to the US Powell says the fed will always choose what it thinks is right for the American people to members of the Canadian Prime minister's cabinet. Have resigned in protest over his handling of an investigation. Justin, Trudeau says he was only pointing out to his attorney general that prosecuting major engineering company would endanger thousands of jobs, but chew DOE is being accused by many experts of exerting inappropriate pressure. The opposition party leader has called on Trudeau to resign and TV actor jed Allen who is one of those actors who you would go. I don't know jed Allan if you look him up right now. I promise you will know exactly who he is. He was Steve Sanders dad on nine not winnow, and he was also on days of our lives. He's died. Allen played like, I said steph's data nine not when he hosted the show celebrity bowling in the seventies and appeared on shows like Santa Barbara Colombo and Lassie Allen was eighty four again, look him up. I know you'll know who he is and really fast. I just wanna to give a shout out to Victor and his family. Dichter's from Compton, and he just got fed up with all the busted tires and broken axles that he started hearing about from his neighbors as they were driving on these potholes on their street. So Victor decides you know, what I'm sick of these potholes. I'm gonna grab a wheelbarrow and some shovels, and I'm gonna fill these dump on holes myself. This was all in front of Roosevelt elementary school. He was helped by his two sons is my L, and I've even and there's actually video that's been surfacing of him with his wheelbarrow, and they're just putting filling the potholes in after Abba and his sons filled the holes he packed in smoothed out the grabble with the tires of his pickup truck. He said that he was just trying to help out the neighborhood. So nobody's tires got damaged now residents in Compton pass measure p this sales initiative back in two thousand sixteen which would add a one percent sales tax to fund repairing local streets sidewalks, and pedestrian street lighting is more is more safety personnel. I guess, but the funds fell short of the hundred million that the mayor's office had made it so on one hand. How sad is that? That people have to grab a wheelbarrow and shovels and put the payment, and who knows where that money came from to for the materials. But there avenue this themselves and then drive over it with their truck to even it out. You don't end up at all. Anyway way to go Victor union family deserve big kudos. Just sorry. You had to do that. When we come back. We're going to talk with ABC's Ryan burrow R Kelly is out on bail again. But that's there's even bigger news. Another video is out showing R Kelly allegedly having sex with underage girls who found it. And what the label of the videotape was I find even more creepy. We'll talk about that. Plus traffic on the fifty five or forecast on your.

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