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So all we had to do was we call the phone company and we put on the billing that it was remax north forward, slash Tim and Julie Harris, and when we did that and someone turned us end we copy of the bill from the phone company and we never heard that from the division again about that particular issue, that's how you can get around it and why does that matter? I? Mean some of our newer listeners might not appreciate why why we care because you wanNA. Capture your own lead. That's right. Your own leads that's a real easy way be again when you capture your leads new call those leads back depending on the price point you know you're gonNA, peel out probably maybe thirty to forty percent of all the buyer leads are actually people that also have houses to sell. So if you're those lead leads are going to, you know the up agent at the office or it's going to some you know Philipino who might be great at doing one thing but not not that be that great aunt's getting questions answered about motivation and all the rest of it right? At the maybe you're using a DA doesn't matter where you're getting my my point here. Always call your leads back. Especially, as you're building up your real estate business and use our script to ask all the questions as we went through last week makes you guys you're listening to the calls, the podcast we scripting, and obviously this is just a smidge of what you get into coaching program. That's right and you know the first two people to call are the neighbors and your actual seller. Check. Okay. So you know why are the neighbors calling think those might be listening leads that's what happens is so your first call, the script goes like this ring ring hello. They're calling your eight hundred number. They've listened to a brief recording on the house you're going to call them back. So this is me calling the buyer back right ring ring. Hello. Hi this is. ABC Royalty a courtesy when people call our eight hundred number, we liked to give a quick callback back..

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