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A bar source other do you see some with their teeth or something they'll forget they met you there will yeah why i didn't know the shoes reversible yeah man like one time smoking some we with the i don't even care will drop his name i don't give a fuck when a when a dan weiss home he's okay yes we're maximus our oh i'm i'm like like i was smoking with his mother fucker man okay and we should describe because the people we love he he wears a cowboy hat cowboy shit if he don't knock get the oven i just put it out there because he says it aloud to everybody he's done acid hundreds of times yes yes i knew i come guessing sees the flock added me a bowl of weed in the lumina m foil yeah exactly like we do right i was smoking weed all multiple can we would as well fuck it was like me mom fucking like ridiculous or nncholas super now to me i can't forget it was one of the white comics now well why it was a it was kind of hobby hobby hanging out with a bunch of other local community is kevin hobby air me ridiculous and in this month book our rigorous super maximum shellman yeah right you smoke in shit he's a hit me i does some of critics shit may know like one time i smoke flock of before like why did i heard that like rotel yeah he's fit that she thought he's the most co hair person ever i seen get it from what i'm like you i gotta watch who roll that cannot make touch it to make sure still lie that's the first i've advocate them up cookout the smoker rotation so you ain't smoke with bre still for those who can't follow khalil's explaining here is there was a bunch of other fellow comedian friends that he decided to smoke with one parenti smoke flock though would you rather mice i would rather just have being rotation with someone that got hurt someone smokes flock someone this doctor for sure herpes i i don't know if you smoke plugger day herpes though i'm afraid i might get some of that flock of residual herpes his bed it's like that's like asking me how would a die there you're like yeah doll hey you wanna get shot a hundred times you wanna chase on which while you won't does oh no but yeah i mean you know what i like out the he's he's like a fascinating yellow i know he's.

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