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I'm Kelly Dylan. Our next report at 11 51 on 10 10 wins. It's news time 11 42 lack of vaccine and multiple appointments systems are frustrating. Many of those eligible for a covert 19 vaccine, mayor de Blasio says New Yorkers continue to roll up their sleeves. Our goal this week is 125,000. I feel really good about that. I mean, this thing is just growing all the times. But demand is running ahead of supply Mount Sinai having to turn away those with appointments because they don't have the vaccine. There are other hospitals running the same problem. The state's distribution system, unable to keep up with the man helping hospitals, CEO Mitch Katz admits there's also confusion with multiple appointments systems. So we we've done our best. To try toe make this happen. Very, very quickly Catches advice. Be patient. Just keep trying. Al Jones 10 10 wins News. New York state has for now given the green light to indoor dining in orange cluster zones. This after a number of restaurants in western New York state sued Restaurants and parts of Westchester can resume indoor dining for now, but indoor dining remains banned in New York City governor Cuomo says he knows covert fatigue has set in and he knows the Yorkers crave normalcy. But he said, people still have to wear masks and social distance so we can get through this. Statewide. The positivity rate is 6.42% 202 additional deaths, New Jersey reporting nearly 6000 new confirmed cases and 94 additional deaths. Mayor De Blasio's thanking President elect Biden and soon to be Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for clearing the way for a to New York City. Schumer said Covert costs are part of Disaster and FEMA will step up. The mayor says. This is very good to the female reimbursements do to us will now be achieved at a 100% level. Now we've talked about this a lot right now. Throughout this whole painful crisis, the city of New York Has had to cover 25% of all FEMA eligible expenses. FEMA eventually provided the other 75%. Now FEMA's going to cover the full 100%. The state and city should get roughly two billion total, which will go to the cost of dealing with the pandemic, which will help the city and state Deal with covert related budget problems. The president elect tonight outlined a nearly $2 trillion plan to help rescue America. We get more on that from correspondent Andy Field if Congress passes the Biden covert plan, it would be one of the most expensive ever US recovery package is 1.9 trillion to speed vaccines, testing and return Children to school billions more for state and local governments facing police and fire department layoffs, extending unemployment till the fall and A total of $2000 stimulus checks to most Americans Boxing Great George Foreman got vaccinated today in his urging others to step up the scary shot. I have to Was in Africa in 1974 Mohammed Ali to a straight right hand. That shot got me ever since then I've been able to deal with all the shots. No big deal, right? This is no big deal as a matter of thing is to most welcoming shot. I've had in my lifetime. Police investigating a deadly case of domestic violence at a home on Hampstead Avenue in Queens, Queens village. No history of domestic violence, calls it at home. A man is suspected of killing his father and possibly poisoning three other family members in the hallway of the building. Police say they found what a neighbor described person that discovered the emotionally disturbed.

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