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Can Mm. It is 1 53 Look at that, Kevin, right on the dot, But I know I know. People on the expressway are going to be late wherever they're going. Can somebody do something about that? Rod, please? The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Yeah, they're going to be about 20. Minutes late. If you're leaving the city right now. Expressway south pounds going to take about 20 minutes to get from Boston. Down the Braintree. Heaviest delays her out of the tunnel down through Savin hill. And then some reduced speeds down through Furnace Brook Parkway north beyond just a little busy here, Columbia Road and again approaching the O'Neill Tunnel. 24 southbound slowdowns off route 93 93 merge here in Randolph. Route three southbound little over a mile back up into that Derby Street lane. Drop 95 South. You're okay from Canton all the way down through Foxboro, Mass. Pike West found looking pretty good out through West Newton and the western stretch 93 north. You're going to get some slowdowns here by Roosevelt Circle in Medford and a tap on the breaks up by 1 28. You're back up to speed after that getting up to 4 95. 1 28 south beyond brake lights into the work crews here after Salem Street in Lynnfield route once, Okay, though, from Chelsea all the way up into the Lindfield Tunnel. This report sponsored by Duncan, New Fall, Feelings call for new fall flavors like the new apple Cranberry Duncan Refreshers made with green tea or coconut milk. Pair your pick with an apple cider doughnut. America runs on Dunkin Apple, cranberry flavored drinks, 0% fruit juice price and participation may vary. Limited time offer exclusions apply. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the.

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