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Well you know what i think in honor of the brave ashley judd i want to point people to her breakout role which was in a little movie from the night called ruby rubiun paradise you'll have not seen that really interesting and it kind of you know it's it's it's it a pit in my says that era of indy movies and it's not a way is not a miramax film which i'm happy say an but so it reminds us that they didn't owned they didn't cornered the market on indy's during that time other people were doing wonderful work and has just it's kind of it's a woman who wants to reinvent herself and so she goes to work in the little town in florida in a little tourist shop and she just she has relationships in french ships and i don't know it's just a very observant quiet touching moving and she's wonderful in it and that was the first time she i think she had done the movie before that but this was like hurrell ranka yes when we were like oh my god she's really special zone paradise called ruby impaired i i like the jason they yet julia for mine i wanted to do it in honor of arch being in texas okay but also timely with lot's going on i'm taking it back to nineteen 56 george stevens giant oh blah i i wanna just hold up george stevens because i i mean it his son started if i any you know i interviewed him at the kennedy center one time and so there's a lot of personal connect of a jewish students me but i think he's one of the more i mean he's definitely up there in the upper echelon of the filmmakers but i think among them i still think is a little underrated and the reason i wanted to hold a giant of everybody thinks of james dean in liz taylor and rock hudson actually james dean's last esperance role.

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