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One ball no strikes to rocky gale news up I think he's up for the second time for the first time in this game thousands went back to the screen one ball one strike our story about L. alters when you came over the giants he he's he could hit there's no doubt about that but he had this big gold chain on the chain it said screw and then we realize that that was not true here's the one one pitch in the dirt outside of the great snap near the goal by Joey Barton he snaps a throw to second just a split second late to pick off Railey wow one arm really nice throw by Julie part so what was the truth about the soup anything no it's like this is the nickname of the the six foot nine guy they called tiny shortly with the glass he saw me throw the ball of dirt need not scoop well I remember he's a nice guy I was with him in Texas yes Texas Rangers signed and he had that same chain is a swing and a drive to right field going back into his left is Robinson still going it's over is headed back to the base of the wall around third is really he scores racing around third Santana he scores throw comes in is cut off by Krishan double for rocky gale the Dodgers I have taken an eight to four lead two run double thereby rocky gale was vying to be the backup catcher with Austin Barnes and Will Smith the top two candidates so here now comes McKinstry eight to for the Dodgers lead the giants three straight two out hits here for the Dodgers against Tyler senior now.

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