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Approved by the mortgage experts of Teaneck Bergen just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago band about the net traffic center remind you to drive responsibly really is a matter of life or death the WGN forecast meteorologist Tim McGill a mix of sun across a little bit more in the way of cloud it looks like south the city particularly but more sun northwest a partly to mostly cloudy skies force Chile hi Ron fifty fifty one tonight partly to mostly cloudy season we called on a thirty nine for Friday morning class then becoming mostly sunny a high near fifty but a bit warmer for the weekend mostly cloudy Saturday could see a little bit of rain late the day high fifty six Sonny drying out for the bears game partly to mostly sunny near sixty about fifty nine turning colder early next week fond of the forties fries a Monday mostly cloudy forty five units has for a few flurries like the day after the Gulf the double jump on the center forty three auto here forty five at the lake front I'm Dick von on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN three's record to be specific only in the basement here good morning I come in there's like four thousand construction people going to the base.

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