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And Morson e products. Adapt Electron IX, your holiday headquarters. It's just about 7 19 and on the team Hakkari phone line from Black Club Chicago. Shame is to me with some extremely local news for us this morning. How you doing today? Hush, Amos. Good morning, Bob. I'm doing great. And we always got something new going on. Tell us about this. Yeah, This is interesting that the loyal University in Chicago has just launched what they're calling the school environmental sustainability, which has become the 11th school within the university. It's the first such program at a Jesuit college and, um, you know, it's It's fascinating. They're you know, they're acknowledging, you know, more and more. People are studying climate change and looking for solutions and trying to better the earth by lessening our carbon footprint. So the really dedicating now entire course of studies to it as well as research. They're doing fundraising for scholarships. It's been they've done some of these classes on campus already infect some folks in the Rogers Park neighborhood would be familiar with the student run farmers market. That's an offshoot of the program as well. Greenhouse, So they just announced it. They kicked it off. The grand opening this this earlier this week. They're hoping to expand the program by about three times as many kids and students over the next couple of years. So it's will be interesting to see. But I kind of just reflecting the times about how they want to put all the climate change. Study indoor. It's on very own program. I was reading a little bit about this. Students enrolled in the institute also helped develop hand sanitizer for use on campus during the pandemic. That's pretty cool. Yeah, that it was important program. There's so many of those initiatives around the city. I remember of when all the the liquor distributors all started brewing and sanitizers vodka in March, said, Yeah, the loyal students were definitely involved in similar projects and over in West Town. There's a story about a pop up. This is kind of interesting. Tell us what's going on here. Right? Yeah, I was fascinated by this story because the West Town Chamber of Commerce, bought a storefront and has renovated it and really know what they're doing is they're leasing it out to small businesses and folks that want to get up and running just for a month. You know, two months at a time, Um, it's at 18 21, West Chicago Avenue, and right now, it's got has its very first tenant, and it's um it's a store called Ni chicka designer to Tanya Mackey is selling Our custom made clothing in other crafts with them the store, But I just You know, I love the idea of the chamber really taking the initiative, Tonto create a spot that people could just move into. Put up their their racks and their displays and really give it a go for a month or two. Test the market get, you know, move off of the Internet briefly and really serve people. So yes, does turning back You said that it's been shield Been on black Friday. She's there through the month, and it's just been, You know, It's been great even in these times, when only a couple of people can come into the store it once it's great to be able to meet the neighbors and not have this huge overhead because the chambers dealing with a lot of the expenses finding gonna really be creative in business these days, don't you? I know I mean, and she had said, it's you know, it's crazy to think about starting something like this. Uh, now, but but, you know, you just push forward and you know, hopefully on the other side Bill will be a lot better business opportunities. Nice holiday story out of Woodlawn about kids getting art supplies and families getting groceries. This is this is a good effort, isn't it? Absolutely when the shot a little spotlight on the program, it's called the Santa Box. It's going to provide 400 families around the South side with toys, books, art supplies of $75 grocery gift certificate. It's you know, it's part of it's an offshoot of a program we talked about in the air before with the market box, which launched during the pandemic, looking for families that needed Routine help. They would get deliveries of groceries. That market box had stopped in October. And, um, the author reviewing Who's a U of C professor, she helped really kick off this the this holiday version of it. The sandbox s so they're hoping to raise about 40 grand tol buy all this stuff. They're they're about halfway there and anyone. The families have already been picked for this. Anyone that had been associating. With the market box project was was on the list. So all the deliveries go out this weekend. They need volunteers. So it's gonna be it'll be nice kids all around for you know these 400 families, they're going to get a nice box of toys and some crafts and some other things. More on that, Dan, if you want to help you, Congar Oh to block club Chicago dot or and we should mention that you can subscribe to block club and get your own extremely local news And let's see you're giving out free tote bags. You just like channel 11 these days, aren't you famous? That's right. You know, we can never have enough tote bags or T shirts. So yes, if if you if you sight up now you'll send out a I will personally send out a free tote bag to you so go to our state and check it out way appreciate everyone out there who supported us and read our stories and into WGN as well. Yeah. Hopefully, you'll get your goal of 15,000 subscribers by early next year. So you just go to black club Chicago dot or g'kar To do that? Just go to box club Chicago dot or there's a super subscribe button in the corner. If you come in through another way, used the discount code WGN, and that'll get you to the special deal as well. Hey, It's a nice gift for somebody to isn't it. Absolutely knows the time we'll get We'll get there by Christmas. Shame this Thank you very much Glad.

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