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I feel like kevindurant is indispensable if i had to lose a guy wouldn't be but as my final point of that though he think a run who's a second him nambianoi know they're still a lotta pieces he to be finished thanks to secondguess hard not to say that it's still cleveland because lebron is there because you haven't seen that move from the celtics yet a houstonhis may be a piece or two away but calvini wanna come back to you in chaozhou with that stepped curries and enigma innocence that he anmvp ige that has gotten better in he wasn't always at kevindurant tight projected player in through the years he's improved soi almost expect this guy to come back next season and have more of an upside or stay on the trajectory that he's all and also i do agree with you he's not a guy that you put on a florencio nobody can gardoit's just impossible to guard them but what he does do is he needs a team and he breeds and changes your chemistry and the dynamic of your team you can't run without a guy that can shoot from halfcourt and you don't run the way the warriorsrook the warriors don't run like showtimelakers or even lebrun when he was in miami thereon like andi've been on the court against it like nothing you'll ever single you look up and it's like gilthat was one minute and just short twelve onlyis there about arguing i did at they they were their ability to score and bunches is the reason why you can help them a greginstagramso you keep saying that but in i say stuff assay klaythompson scored 60 once without plane for quake thompson scored 37 a quarter you we'll district agree that he is an amazing player transcendent hall of famer there is this a little bit more elevations that you're giving in that i that iit's it's more credit to the other guys less about him essay how great klaythompson it can be.

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