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Molesters we have a huge child sex trafficking problem in Atlanta. And just like, we just can't we all know this to be true, regardless of the fact that we have to say alleged in front of all of these accusations. Everybody saw that tape of him sexually degrading fourteen year old girl, regardless of whether or not he was convicted Twenty-one video instances of himself engage in sex with underage girls were removed from his home. We all know who forged documents to marry a fifteen year old Leah who he had been mentoring since she was twelve. So we know what this man is about. And we as a community need to say, even if we can't put him in jail. We're not going to give him our money anymore. We're not going to financially support the lifestyle that we know that he's living. And so I started that petition and then can yet teasha Barnes reached out to me when she saw me on the news and said, I have got to help I've been doing. This work, you know, and I wanna I wanna help and the two of us formed Dr Kelly and decided that not only were we going to try to get him off the radio, but we were going to try to get his cancer his concert cancelled. And we were going to try to get him off a streaming. We were going to make it impossible for other artists to wanna work with him. We were going to cut off the money at every turn that we could because it's really his money that is insulating him from the consequences of his crimes. And so if you stop the money, you stop his ability to hide, and so that's where Dr Kelly was born I wanna go to another clip from the docu series surviving R Kelly this is survivor. Lisa von Allen. Followed by singer and former are Kelly protege sparkle sparkles. Niece is allegedly the fourteen year old and the sex tape video for which R Kelly face, but was acquitted of child pornography charges. I was kinda surprised when I actually ended up meeting him because I just thought I'd be the last one he would try to talk to because I was probably the youngest one there. Rob was sitting there the pool, and he was being really really nice. And he asked me how old I was. And then I told him I was seventeen and he asked me will your mother let you come to Chicago. I knew he was at least thirty one. So I thought when I said seventeen that he'd be like, you know, like that was going to be the deal breaker, but it wasn't. Young girls are impressionable like he's R Kelly now look who I look who showing me interests. He's charismatic funny. And he's an all around nice guy. But Robert is a massive manipulator like everybody knows it now. They didn't know back then I'd heard about Rob's reputation about him dating a lien, but I didn't assume that he liked younger girls. I just thought at that moment. I thought he likes me. So that was Lisa van Allen and talk about the significance of this and sparkles. Niece. The person sparkle who was a singer with Robert Kelly with R Kelly. Alleges her niece. Yeah. Such a hard documentary to watch to see so many young women fall into this trap over and over again. But you know, sparkle is absolutely right. Young women are very impressionable, and we say young women, especially, but everyone is impressionable, and is is able to be manipulated by somebody that they look up to they admire they worship, I think they're grown people right now who have a celebrity who if that's elaborately dropped out of the sky and shown their spotlight on them. You know, would leave their husbands wives children go run off to LA tomorrow. So I think to think that children would be less susceptible to that type of Tim tation is ridiculous. You know, he he has honed his his trap at this point. When you hear all those lady stories, it's the exact thing story over and over and over again, he's using. His charm. His his looks is fame his money his role mobility is bait and then he flips the script on them are naked fortunate. This is Gironde pace from the documentary surviving R Kelly who says I mean, this is just an amazing story because she actually met him while she went to his trial almost every day..

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