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Their in a heavily polluting industry to announce plans to go carbon neutral imagine this this week I know it's flabbergasting British petroleum announced plans to reduce its carbon footprint two's net zero which grew snickers and skepticism among climate activists Peter Mitchell director of the climate and clean energy program at the natural resources defense council said he was encouraged to see delta spending money to reduce its carbon footprint but said that there was a press at present few low carbon options available aunt scale for airline company the critical the offsets the purchaser credible in real and that is certainly possible is a whole lot better than doing nothing hopefully will not just be an effort to you know public relations effort to green watch their company the other travel industry that is one of the most polluting obviously your cruise ships in so many ways in the oceans in the air burning fuel by the you know thousands of gallons a day I don't we may have solar power Khrushchev before we have really really renewable energy airliners take a break fifteen minutes after two o'clock the mayor may not speak.

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