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Know real honest depiction of the eye and the reason we can't do it is because he met with the queen guys the liver the survivors the gut here friday anna now i don't know their names are at occurred but they said laird yeah well that's half the story and he said what he means is will after he died we kept going and we want to tell our story and the he could buy equipment by their story unless law there right tell their story nobody cares about which noone one would ever imagine a movie that with its halfway through eddy merckx a freddie mercury deisel queen is playing somewhere tonight weaned wants him to tell the story i mean there's a there's still active banned i dunno if they're actor but they were active for years after another leasing i i don't know they have other things and i don't ever however remember solve their big hits our freddie all i mean every sunghee noah's ark you're right i don't and he's aid as it unbelievably talented saying house i'd be queen fan i wasn't either but when i was a little kid that yet they are the champions we played it in a locker a role made big for our generation yeah benefit the guy could sing racing was big either like like their one of those groups that i think he will really be devout like the a good on by opec though sure yet but they he gave up he said it was ready to do it i gave up because they assu is complaining early story of the band not of the singer at is a great song of course we from upwards place oklahma forever power to and used to play the samis these sanchez's 25 minutes away wickets these asia play procedure we end hour to come back our three next month by all oh oh man man all right absolutely i saw for watching line of steaming at a cut off his new album take it away dear deal and with which chief be insane untapped potential of giants backup and former jets qbe gino smith i feel like you wrote this a week ago and yes he does say races a factor and i say this could be bomb a brother a sister forgive me other with neglected in too.

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