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Don't know that there's a map to the lost treasure in it. Failure, shady. Are. Nothing. Before addict. Funny, I can see it just this plane you go off over, we'll piney mountain and cost the Eagle Mountain and on a firm side at Eagle Mountain made a big rock lead with a cave in it and treasure is in that case, wait a minute. Look me. right straight now. Have you looking at? No cost my heart how did you know all directions and I don't know Maybe, your psyche now I feel fine I mean maybe of a fortune teller. Oh, well of maybe Jim, Bates has he was on a toll mass for it was hand. Jim. Vase said it was very treasury hit over there and I. said the end of it there. When did he tell you that all all year old something like that did you ever look to see if it was ain't Now you believe nothing jam tells you you in Ohio exonerate? Yeah. I noticed there while he never would've told me where had he gone over there after the sale but if they're stellar has done a map but says pain well I believe old Jim was right goodness sakes might have been trying to do me a failure on ever know again you got the dead blamed his nation I've ever seen and. Intech I'm cedric we hunt. What does he know about nothing that I know of? Tanisha. Gloves Muffler. Vast staff. Poke. Fun Heading. into. Your, just in.

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