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Doing? WH- what happened. There got tired of someone else getting off all the good jobs report. I know Mike Right but I'm dead serious like a lot of what we do is around here. It's hard to tell what's real and what's not real. Oh that was very real. That was a a very real awkward interaction person wearing an earpiece. I'm probably going to get into some trouble like no I think. I think they're backing off. Because I think that they know now that you're bothered. I really doubt Mike. I don't think and I I will apologize to that person because he was just trying to do his job. But I'm telling you I am bothered as all of these people descend on our city. Our City they are not remembering that we are there host and they are the guest all of them. Pardon the interruption corruption is I'm walking and Blue Neon blue hallways and I'm seeing. We'll bond security bumping into Stephen a Smith security. Everybody complaining about our bathrooms that producer. must've the thought you were real. dipstick you were so scared battery. Tell the truth hold on a second was batteries still like acting like for whatever whatever religion the battery battery of questions here because I actually like to know seriously better. How did you feel about what was happening there? Stop making driving driving jokes. I don't WanNa hear anymore driving jokes. I want series answered from you on what it is that you were feeling is that was going on because my heart rate was through the room. I was very uncomfortable bowl. I was thinking I hope I don't get fired. I'm glad no one can see my face. I hope this all ends well for Dan Davis a real spark and I were in a real bad. Ah Jam what was your level of of nervous from From one to ten. How were you feeling one to ten? How nervously ervices real fluid situation at the start? I was a little low but then you kept saying to me. Don't worry I got this. I was like all right. I guess Stan's got this. I wilder spitting. Now that's all for the love of God. How do you? How many more than yesterday when all the sound was going down around here because these people keep Stephen Keeps pooping on our audio? I'm running out of fuel here. Well we're was it yesterday when I read it when I couldn't hear God's or billy how little fun did did you to have yesterday because I couldn't do anything with yesterday because all these people taking our phone lines and every damn audio here. I'm listening to a boring s interview. Wingo and Golick did with tour. I listened that for fifteen minutes. I thought it was great. Donald fantastic boring. I don't know what he's up. Billy just wrote me a note. I love this place and I agree with them. I mean it's amazing. I have an idea guys. We miss every single week was radio road just in another city just covering events. That'd be nice. Oh amazing. I'd be their labor like the NBA. All Star Game Got Mike Looking at his and mine is radiant. He has post-coital oil. He is like a special spe shade of pink. Wait till David. Ortiz joins US next that sound. What was that sound? One of the Ryan Brothers is walking by Admiral Wore Ski. Which is Robert Box?.

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