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All right very busy we have the maytag repairman commercial been thinking about this and you can after renewed i know it's hard being here with so little to do all did that make hey builds on the last longer than any other brand look out icons of indestructible threatened not in the down one to remake repairmen and lawrence of loneliness salt in so solitude i know how you feel that aid for within them dinner now this is something i can fix matak we're dependability people that guy had a good sign gig as the maytag repairman lonely repairman the lonely repairman there is a controversial one where is beating off in the entry hall bathroom there is also a god was during her roeder redrado rather ad campaign where like you know to the plumber you sit around playing carter ever get a car allow words for you and you know they put the phone up to the rotary would right well when when maytag man passed the torch to a younger maytag man there were there were two of them for a while the out yeah my buddy mark i came i was lastly listening now but they need new blood in the majak commercials you need some new blood in uh social calendar yeah well all right i said i didn't say but we're going to give away a tommy john care package to uh some about how little lead in some huang has himself a little valentine's day issue and we'll see if we can uh rescue them hey at neil 33 from clovis california.

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