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What to lives? Let's make twenty nineteen the year of Oiseaux. That's fine. That's a big hit at my house. Yes, they do your kids like Oiseaux. They do. Oh, wow. That's great. The my kids very much like things from the Phantom Menace. There are have they seen the Phantom Menace. Yeah. You know? I think that's probably the most kid-friendly of the Star Wars movies to show a kid. Oh, yeah. Easily. Absolutely where thoughts on Jarjur like him. I love him pro jar jar. Yeah. Judger? Yeah. They're not anti anybody. Three like everyone like everybody. Verde like, they like Darth maul Elliott, very cool. They like him even though like were they quite gone fans. Are they upset about that? Take take it or leave it. It's fine. It's fine. Like, Jake, Lloyd. They like everybody. They don't dislike any person. Great. Yeah. So we are going to check in with brand. This is really brands our of television and brand is going to get to see the formation of the night king. Yes. And this was another moment that was a bit of a mind mind boggle for the book reading and show only crowd alike because there has been no explanation for, mommy. Daddy, where do white walkers? Come from. This seems to be the answer to the children of the forest created them. They were people once upon a time. And then they got obsidian in the heart. Nice dose of dragon glass to the chest. And that is going to turn you into a white Walker apparently is the the way of it. And we see that happen here with with this man who turns into the night king, and it's bit of a reveal. That's just kind of airdropped into the middle of this episode. What do we know about this man, we believe this to be the night king? I think there's some theories that he is a stark. But I don't think that we know anything officially about the guy. Yeah. And he is getting a shard of dragon glassy inserted into him, which is going into his heart and turns him into the night king. We see leaf and the children of the forest there and brand wakes up like leaf how could you? Yeah. Yeah. Leave you betrayed me. Yes. And leave tries to justify it. We were at war. We were being slaughtered. Yeah. Cutting down our trees, we had to defend. Ourselves. And thus the white workers were born. Yes. And there's great debate. Is it is it considered murder if it's war who knows? But that's that. That's a dilemma for another day. Josh another time. Yes. Four for leaf here. So what was the idea of we need to kill the people all the humans. So we will then create this thing that will then be able to kill all of the humans. But at some point is it the machine turns year, war, begets, more war. Right. Like, this is the parable here that the one minute ship is just gonna leave everybody destroyed. Mutually assured destruction is what's going on here with the creation of the white walkers, and this attempt to outgun the impossibly powerful, humans that have that have the height advantage at the very least and probably the numbers advantage as well against the children of the forest. They tried to to recapture some power on their own and create the white walkers, and it it grows beyond their control. Now, everybody's in trouble. And the pacifist George are Martin. I think is trying to tell us something here that this is this this way lies destruction for all of us in winter is coming and we must band together in order to stop it from occurring. What are the white walkers a metaphor for nuclear weapons, I think that that works? I think any any kind of. Whatever whatever works for you sky net. Skynet works for me personally. The global warming is a well trod. Well, disgust metaphor within game of thrones. You name it any kind of adversity through just like short sighted thinking, I think is what we're seeing at that. That's what Georgia Martin and the creators of game of thrones seemed to have set their sights on all right onto pike. We're going to spend a lot of time here on the king's moot..

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