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I think i think that game would still be funding your 30s if you're going back i think the game would be fun for this of portions of this audience to sit there and try in name the original opening day 1993 marlins roster right they've right look at a smile on how i feel like i'm saying this is always fun for people on to go back to that time like junior bleep in felix was the right fielder mascot posed woes jockey car they were fighting it out for centerfielder isn't arly carlos was in amman turkey car wasn't opening now no scott posed was the opening day centerfielder but they were so it was a big spring training battle between chuck car and scott poczynska pos won the job added four hundred the first week and then was never seen again dave maggard him that was the third base magritte barbary yeah won't lie second basement wall why slogans yours thought arrested estrada first base who's the catcher in india ugh go to back its good and a uniform benito yes backup catcher bob nato that up catcher bob natal so much fun about how about how about uh the pitching staff joe charlie pat wrap who is the number to starter see if you remember this this is a tough one who is the number to starter for the 1993 marlin with a chris hamon nope now david waters was david stormy weather's note critic reliever rake by argued guys you're guys again of this one this one's although during this at the top ahead different speaking of like pitchers i can rig the number one every put dennis cook in a pit oh my god i will never in haiti unholy right an xrating zhen aha in your world series in the algerian dan his cook cook linger yeah it will be her goes a cooker cook i believe it's cookie whereas one of them now there was already a cookie on the squad hurriyet rush goodyear dhiraj their base coach um.

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