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But even his humble to if he didn't put out a video rip, Steve my fucking producer. He put out a video in the batting cage from winter weekend. And he thought that he actually look good doing it. He's sucks. Swing stuff like dubs put out a video taken like actual rips. And he was like, I gotta work on my swing weight, Lloyd. So Steve was like what he put out city up. Yeah. Yeah. He put like he was like in the batting cage hitting like like if he's in the barricades, right? He's swinging in the balls or like lines rise, maybe like four feet in front of them. They're hitting the bottom of the cage. And then he had one of them like like blew up the death star. Steve, that's he's are all these are all ground ball outs to the third basement. But he was he had a better swing and he he was humble about. I gotta work on my swing, but any any GM wants to step up do a homerun derby here. I am. And that's after acquiring one of the best closers in the game. Good for him. Is there any? Any GM like who would win that? Probably. I mean, I feel like if that would be the most boring homerun derby of all you'd have to move to make it would have to be like the what was the jock jam celebrity softball jock. Yeah. Rockin jock was not the baseball. Yeah. The basketball it is up there with the WWF attitude errors, the most entertaining thing of all time. Yeah, they did rocket jock. Now, it would be. That's that's the one thing we do is bring back rock, and I think I think by now we've acquired enough celebrities and enough characters we'd be like, you're playing pickup basketball today. Be the best fund would basketball be the best board to do. Yes. Yeah. Because. Pretty now because that's have so many for that like the ten point shots and the peach basket and shit, like footballs football, man, I guess more trick stuff, but you'd actually get like legit NFL quarterbacks to be the quarterback. We've got connections like Jared Goff could in theory when the Super Bowl just come play in this and beyond team portent. Yes, we got a question the crowd. What's up, man? Jared. This might be a section ten question. I'd love to hear the strip club story. So hold on. What time is it? That's it. It's just the strip club. It's like the infamous strip club story. Yeah. Only fifteen minutes left in the show. So unfortunately, I can't tell it. What is this story? It's like a running gag on. There actually is a strip club storage never telling it like we always get like down to the DM segment. It's one of our last questions that we answer. And it's like we we're usually out of time, but we really in order for me to tell it with the full effect. I would need more than fifteen minutes. So we really do not have enough time to strip club story broke news to Kevin any hope what the Knicks trade imports Aengus. How does this? Kevin. No. That porzingas got traded like he does. Now, I got why gotta texture of emerge saying that that what the fuck he was saying like porzingas bike at traded. He feels he's gonna get traded gonna talk about it next week. And now he's on the Mavericks hidden fucking Luca together. What if on squad a fucking walk? Dim kevin. I'm sorry. I should've waited until after the fucking show for that. That's tough. That's tough. That's real tough. It's okay. Though, you got Walken coming up at your miss probably a mean, they just have to win the fucking trap with. With. They have to. How we doing, bro? Shit. I got a whirlwind of emotions going right now. I. While processing Zinger just got traded..

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