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Search and rescue teams have reached a plane crash that went down any rahn president trump supportive of efforts to improve background checks news xi let's check out the wls weather channel forecast some areas of fog this morning some showers later on this afternoon and thunderstorms possible today high near fifty six tonight showers and thunderstorms low fifty three and then for tomorrow rain on tap as well but a high right around fifty nine degrees rainfall around maybe a half an inch yoursel right now forty one light rain out at o'hare forty two light rain midway it's thirty seven downtown along the lakefront president donald trump supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system for gun purchases that according to a white house spokesperson today less than a week after the floor to school shooting that left seventeen people dead principle that deputy press secretary rush laws saying in a statement that trump spoke with senator john cornyn who's the texas republican uh late last week about a bill that was introduced with senator chris murphy who's a democrat from connecticut that aims to strengthen how state and federal governments report offenses that could prohibit people from buying a gun net would include stays in mental health facilities iran's press tv reporting that search and rescue teams have reached a sign of a plane crash at authorities say killed all sixty five on board the twinengine turboprop that was used for shortdistance regional flying went down on sunday in foggy weather in southern iran authorities say a man was seriously injured in a fire that broke out on the 52nd floor the hand cock of building in the fire department says that the fire was reported around five am sunday it was however adjust contained to one unit wls news time nine thirty one looking good on the edens kennedy rolling along dan ryan's fine eisenhower thirty board thorndale to the post office twenty it out stevenson tristate good eastbound i eighty boris by divisions street in.

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