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The opposable thumbs. Okay continue he or she may be gasping for air as they're trying to do it seeing as how they're outside of element unless it's an underwater tree so I'm going to give listeners some examples where we before we get into this idea because I want you to figure out today what is your gifting. What were you called to do all right? The word vocation originally meant calling. That's what it meant in the original. Latin is calling. We're vocation means calling or vocation means calling so I'm asking you what are you into. What is the thing that you pursue when you do you like it? It's like it's called the flow state three lose track of time and space. Because you're so into it. So Jason You the notable quotable for Mr Albert Einstein who by the way yes he was a physicist yes. He did things where you're going. I don't really. We know how applies that like. What did he do? He was a physicist. I mean how does that really impact our life. I'm sure a lot of people think about but yeah it was genius. What did he do of practical value of practical value? He was the one who introduced to President Roosevelt. The idea that the Nazis were developing a nuclear weapon. He pointed out that. Hey if we don't get on IT WE'RE GONNA die why because we hadn't started our program yet and they were almost done so we started the Manhattan project. Albert Einstein recommended that we choose Robert Oppenheimer to lead the project. They began to make the nuclear weapon. That we then dropped on the Japanese thus ending World War Two. We would all be speaking German right now. Though if Albert Einstein who was Jewish but he was born in in Germany did not save America so he read their Albert Einstein in my opinion is one of the founding fathers of modern freedom. We would not be free today day if it weren't for Albert Einstein so please read the notable quotable Jason from Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein says everybody is genius but if you judge a fish by its ability not to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is what is your genius okay. So let's I want to get Dr Brex. Take on this. I'm going to. I'm going to throw myself under the bus to explain to you in what areas of my life. I am official trying to climb a tree. I went to school school and at school. I am semi dyslexic. Which means that? I don't understand the words reading on a page until I read it like the third time time thus it's hard for me also have very very limited capacity to memorize things so when I read something I have to read it over and over over and over and over and over so a lot of school consists of this all right class. I want you guys to do today. Once you get your book your history book read pages eighty through one ten and I want you to memorize memorize the states and the state capitals well for me. That's like an impossible task that to me is like asking a fish just to climate tree but our modern school system is based on memorization. That's the system drew so therefore because that is the system is memorization. I I can't participate in that conversation. I can't do well. They're so therefore in school. I thought I was an idiot and then and I realized fairly quickly. I'm not an idiot. I'm just a fish trying to climb a tree but I tried for a long time to climb that tree thinking I was an idiot. Another example physical coordination. Don't have it so I tried to live up to Dad was a very good athlete. I tried to play sports and I was okay at certain sports I got I got to be pretty good at basketball. Doesn't great but I was trying to climb a tree. Three and I was a fish what was born to do when I'm good at his business is very easy to me. It's what I do it thinking of logical conclusions of if you do this. This works like the scientific method towards business. If I do this this works asking me to me. It's very easy to go. I wonder I wonder how everyone gets to top Google. I know what I'll do. I'll download all of the websites that come up top for the search Tulsa deejays. That aren't mine mine and then I'll look for common denominators in. That's what I did and then I figured it out. I didn't know how to download site a pay. Some the students who are interns to come download the website. It was crazy as they were learning internet. They were they were college writing how to code and learning technology but they were. We're near new. They were about ready to graduate from. Osu with a degree in computer science and they knew how to download websites they didn't know how to get them to the top. Google into me. I just thought if we download the ones that are top. Eventually we'll find a common denominator and that's how I learned about title tags and descriptions and key words and content and all the things I learned about so again. I am naturally borne to be Internet marketing. Search engine hiring business growth accounting marketing expert guy. It's e business easy for me because I feel called to it so dark. Dr Breath you are. Do you feel called to chiropractor do. How do you notice how I was headed towards a medical school while I was in college alleged Kind of the opposite of you. A school came very easy to bring up God gifted me with a great memory. So memorization was an easier thing for me so real quick. Somebody needs to hear this it. It doesn't mean that I have to resent you right or vice versa. No we need to understand our gifting and respect each other because of them and to not compare in order to feel jealousy get off of social media and stop comparing Dr Brick is a very smart man for a good at memorizing. But you're also we're all we're all smart in our own way so you were good at memorizing good at school so you thought I should go to medical school right so I was headed towards medical school and then realized I was disenfranchised franchised with that whole idea and then I discovered chiropractic for the first time I hadn't experienced it as a patient But I started looking into it. Further and further deeper. I got into it the more I realized aligned with my passion and so it did very quickly become apparent to me that it was actually my calling the the philosophy of health. That health comes from the inside out that God has designed to heal that we're one with our world and the nutrients that we bring into. Our Body are important for its health and wellbeing and so all those aspects together gather to said yes. This is this is you. That is good that that right there. My friends that right there. That is good. Now let's say you're listening right now and you say I don't know my calling. Well I'm GonNa say this and then Dr Brooks has as a hot take care. I'm going to say this us. You should spend your entire day all day. Yeah Yeah you know no I know I know right now according to Nielsen I want you put it on the show notes Okay Nielsen. The average average person consumes eleven hours per day of media. Just do a Google Search for eleven hours of Media Nielsen. You'll find it in Google and put a link in the show notes but the average person we. We don't have time for you. The average person you have time but the average person doesn't the average person you listening right now. You have the time. The average person does not have the time to figure out. What's it's going to do with their life? Because they are on social media most of the day eleven hours a day. They don't have to date. They are busy right now. Thankfully when I was trying to figure this out social media within exists so so you sat down and thought about what you wanted to do. I really made a very conscious effort to figure out what path I was going to take and then very very intently intentionally went down a certain direction but I was going to say that I really felt that I could succeed in the school academic setting and so I knew you you know when there was a test What the measure was to success however once I graduated and I was in business? That's when I became fish climbing a tree so just the opposite of you you clay I was I was way out of my element trying to run a business and so that's why I figured out I had to put other people around me like you to be able to to make it for my shortcomings so that we could complement one. Another and the thing. is we all everybody out there in some area of our life we are a fish trying to declamatory right. Now I'm GonNa Queue up audio for you. This is what I spent my entire day on. Yesterday I spent over twelve hours yesterday on this and the way we spend my saturdays just to listeners knows I get up around three usually. Yesterday we were up late on Friday. A kids went to a football game. And so we're later. So Jason United met at the office at what time four forty eighty five or five. Is it five four five forty five so we met clients and do we did and then we got home around nine nine thirty I think and then hung out with family and did some chores about my western flowers and went to the store and watched a movie with my wife and swam and had a great time but then when the kids are off doing their thing and they go visit their friends kind of pocket of time so I had about twelve hours I was working on so it was like five hours on Saturday and maybe two on Thursday night and then another one or two Monday. But I've been working on this all week I. I'm very excited about this. This is an audio td. JAKES has a great sermon. He just did called called grasping the moment. Td jakes grasping the moment. And it's about how you if you are the one who it feels called to do something then you're gonNA run into opposition and people that don't agree with you and people that want to form committees and people and he talks about how trying to seek consensus is the worst thing possible because nobody is going to agree with you because if they already agreed with you they would have already done it and so it's a really good message but I turned it into this this.

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