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The political candidates and their big name roads. Abort will go to bed tonight wondering if all of this work, this is the last night before voters head to the polls for the midterms. And so now all the governors in house and Senate seats, and the president will find out what the American people are feeling the biggest microscope, of course, focused on the US Senate house seats, and the I should say the US house, not so much the Senate and Democrats feeling like they can wrestle the way Republican control of that same however onto the US Senate Republicans poised to hang onto control, and maybe even snag a few extras, they're hoping a few controversial races for governor that have gotten a lot of attention as well, Florida Georgia and here in our state governor Cuomo expecting to win a third term in his Ron against Republican Mark moment narrow Cuomo was in Brooklyn today pushing voters to look beyond his race and focus on important house and Senate races. Using President Trump's recent anti immigrant lean as part of his battlecry for voter. We were scared of diversity. We wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. We celebrate diversity diversity makes us who. We y'all. We love that we come from different places, and we bring different cultures. That was what makes New York New York has for as the national races. Go correspondent Tom Llamas deny taking a look at what's at stake. All the congressional cards fall where they may late Tuesday all four hundred thirty five house seats are up for grabs and Democrats need to pick up twenty three to take control for the first time in eight years in the Senate a much different story. The Democrats are on defense they need to gain two seats, but they could lose even more and across the country. We will also be keeping a close eye on thirty six governors races. Trump is putting in overtime to keep Republicans in control on all fronts, at least in the Senate making his last pitch and some big midwestern battleground states Ryan burrow following him. President has three stops on an election day. Eve midwest swing I stop in Cleveland, Ohio the GOP hoping to boost support for congressman Jim Rene. See who has an uphill battle against incumbent democrat share. Brown then to Fort Wayne, Indiana to stump for businessman, Mike Braun is he tries to unseat vulnerable democratic Senator Joe Donnelly and finally an evening. Stop and Cape. Girardeau with Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity back, Missouri. Attorney general Josh Halley who's challenging Senator Claire mccaskill, of course, Trump was on Twitter today getting in his last two plunges on close call elections like down in Georgia. We mentioned where secretary of state Brian Kemp is in charge of an election where he's the GOP candidate for governor against Democrats. Stacey abrams. Should've been hearing Georgia has been embroiled in that controversy over alleged voter suppression, Trump accused his favorite target CNN, quote, peddling fake, suppression polls and floating the prospect of widespread fraudulent voting. Well, you know, CNN released that poll today in which Democrats are leading over Republicans fifty five to forty two percent of says here all of this coming to ahead tomorrow, folks, midterm election day, twenty eight hundred thousand ten ten wins your place to hear it all start to finish and on ten to in wins dot com. Stay with us wins news time, eight twenty six in our Bloomberg money. Watch on ten ten wins. Here is Jeff Bellinger, stocks were mixed when the closing bell rang on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred ninety one point three quarters of a percent to twenty five thousand four sixty one the NASDAQ closed twenty eight points, lower a loss of four tenths percent. The S and P five hundred gained fifteen points or half a percent. The rate of growth in the services sector slowed last month, but not by as much as expected the supply managers non-manufacturing index slipped by less than a point and a half in October. Here's an indication of how tight the job market has become fast food chains that once recruited teenagers as order. Takers and burger flippers are now looking to fill their ranks with senior citizens recruiters working with churches senior centers and AARP apple has reportedly cancelled plans to boost production of its budget priced iphone ten are a Japanese news agency says apple told to suppliers to halt preparations to add more assembly lines, Bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour. I'm Jeff Bellinger, four ten ten. Win wins. News time, eight twenty seven. This week..

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