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To Beluga whales have been tied right up security in pens in the phone norwest northwestern Kola peninsula in Russia sensibly to stop them from escaping it follows the discovery by Norwegian fishermen in a few months ago of a runaway whale wearing a harness with mounts for Gopro camera what could have possibly been doing elizabeth pro leads the modern deterrence projected roussy here in London in the UK and I'm delighted to say she joins us in the studio once again <hes> right Elizabeth this. This needs some explaining this whale that was found found. I think it was an April isn't it. It was wearing a harness designed for GOPRO camera with a mark of Saint Petersburg on it. What was it doing it was approaching the region. Fishermen seemed to be very friendly with humans and these fisherman's <hes> fishermen were not surprisingly <hes> rather stunned to find on <hes> a Beluga whale making making their acquaintance and not only making their acquaintance but wearing this harness admit never seen before and so they told the Norwegian authorities about it took a picture of of the whale and Norwegian scientists were sure that it was not a research wailed L. because researchers don't put scientists don't harnesses on Wales neither Norway Russia and and they went they managed to find this way eleven thousand and took a look at it and <hes> they couldn't question Nick Whales are very intelligent but obviously ah not not that that intelligence and so in the end it was repatriated to Russia but Russia's clearly concerned what about other <hes> Wales escaping and it was determined that there was a military whale and <hes> it's it's well known that's that Nave Dave is <hes> employ these intelligent animals for for covert operations and so now Kamson us. That's the Russian navy has built canoe pens for its other whales to stop them from running off from the from the normal duties is that correct that's right yes and and <hes> they can travel quite is far because they're not just intelligent animals. They are also good swimmers so the idea is they. They should travel on authorized missions not on on the their own pleasure missions. Are they looking for what they being sent to look for well so there are lots of things <hes> <hes> <hes>. Wales can do for example <hes> a number of years ago a Russian wail voss found in the Black Sea and Wales usually in the Black Sea the very walls in was discovered and <hes> the scientists that discovered it found that it it's <hes> teeth had been <hes> on sharpened file down and they determined that was <hes> that have been done in order for it to be able to carry things to attach approach to ships on its missions so <hes> other things that can do as Wales can do is locate <hes> <hes> equipments and and even people and so they are very versatile and obviously you've trained them. You don't want to lose them. No and this is what the Russians appear to have done. They have built new pens. <hes> or rather they have reduced the number of pens in the region. <hes> they have a base up there don't they which has <hes> <hes> and the section that they've moved the whales to apparently has been highlighted as a place which is used used for. Let's say covert intelligence operations so so pretty seems pretty pretty obvious. What can anyone do about this apart from what you can do about it. Well that's right but if yes and you can you complete with the whales to not grow from their own missions but what's important highlights highlights about this base where they now are in the more secure pens is that it's it's a home of Russia's most <hes> covert naval and intelligence operations so that's also where these submarines are based that <hes> that carry out of the covert intelligence missions including the Lavar Sharif which is the submarine that caught fire <hes> this summer and <hes> cost the lives of fourteen sailors who managed to put out the fire <hes> and if that's submarine had been lost if they hadn't if they hadn't made that made that <hes> really quite impressive sacrifice <hes> that's that's submarine <hes> may have sunk and then been available to other countries to examine and that would have been a disaster for Russia as so those submarines are based at Tat <hes> basis well Legna and it's important.

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