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Editor. Credit sounds like that's my wife pointed out and she thought that it was because there's so much footage from the first season they might have to credit him because they've they've incorporated so much of his stuff but it turns out he had he's been editing the entire time and that's why it feels visually only very much more same season. One entirely director Zoe Kravitz is curator. She did something seven hard time haunting. She's wanted by yeah. Oh here's another shadow walking last night. Did you interest-rate yeah. I pick the hell out of that show but when it was nine o'clock last night and Oliver was finally asleep like at nine forty. It's like every also watch lineup like I very that in handmaid's I'm very excited watching the house. I felt felt like the way that I know the ones the last episode but the way the this week's episode ended. I said out loud here. We go data. I'm ready to watch like I'm excited again. Like a whole bunch of time of Nicole Kidman <hes> interrogating Yeah Meryl Streep and that's the up in David Kelly courtroom situations during yell out in the middle of that can't wait. Laura Dern is essentially comic relief on the show. I know that's not how that's not how they intended but it's it. You can't not see it as funny because first of all we need to correct ourselves because jeter yourselves a couple of things Jeffrey Nordland is the actor that we were talking about two weeks ago. Not that's not James Tupper who plays Zoe Kravitz husband but Jeffrey Free Nordlinger Gordon do the do the thing with the with the Balabagn's this guy every show this guy's on Nashville on Nashville and he's big little lies. A lot of a picture of that guy knew all agreed he was the I no. You'd have insurance that although your tax was great I'm sorry I didn't know the bearded guy that from the show. I don't defending yourself very nicely. You made the fool because we keep up on what we do. Garin it put down the horror films and watch what we watched that you can do your job how would that. Let's see crawl your fucking bags yeah. That's just didn't you gotta see Garin. It's crime male movie instead to concerts supporting a friend of the show strong wrong phrase see he's. He's an Uber driver and his name is STU. Wait what what is it really oh boy. I thought it was a buddy cop film or are you. Did you legit not no that was like the premise last name was stupor. I thought okay it's a fun. It's it's it's definitely a great movie but it's fun movie. I'm sure I'll shoot at some point. Although I'm not a huge fan of day Batista I know you love Them. I do you love him. I know you do and do them. I see I can't figure out if he's funny or not right relish. We'll tell you what's funny his everything he does. In Guardians is yes great percents so funny just doing that character in this movie would probably be amazing. Yeah I think he's he's a little charming. I guess I like the villain a lot Kinda mad. He didn't get a lot of screen time actor. That was my one complaint Garin..

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