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Interesting were those the topics covered in your first book or song that something up brand new baby wow so if you so basically if you want to beat phoebe robinson to the punch right about those subjects and get your book out before hers and you so go meet bano go get sixty grand in debt and data white guy you're covering the spectrum so have that and then i have a movie coming out on netflix called of gillian jacobs in vanessa bayer great i think either may or june haven't finalized on the yet i have a podcast i'll call sobhani wake is 'cause podcast of it's mostly white men like you sure i mean you know yeah can't change it yeah i know you're you're you're a good person okay okay one that's all i want okay phoebe robinson everyone i got her say i'm a good white person yeah that's that's pretty much a lot of work try see yourself in five years five years i will be turning thirty four i'll be thirty nine i know living in la a really so now you don't live here brooklyn you live in brooklyn now what point do you want do you want to move here in five years and you want those five years you want to live out the rest of your thirties in new york and then you'll get tired of new york i'm almost forty and move or you gonna move like within the next few months.

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