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Teeth seventy nine castro opened up his jails and the city instead of you guys wanna leave leave and people left everything they owned every material possession including family members to come back i'm if you think i'm sick and tired like i personally last night that came on my my wife is not a lot loud to watch fox and friends of thousand on why no more it drives a fucking nuts riots me nuts i don't want to hear that should know more i don't wanna hear this bullshit every fucking day you turn on world news tonight that's my favorite that fantasies about fuck in the blonde on their time diane sawyer here i would either asshole like a flock at home of when a firecracker that's my girl then they replaced with the duty a bad but that's my show 630 everybody knows don't bother me the first 10 minutes is about fifteen minutes as about russia is that this that that the end you feel good when they show you the story of a fucking blanket that could play the drums that's when you feel good at the end you know what i can't even wants to lose anymore if you're not happy with trump if you're not happy with hillary if you're not happy with the political system which you'll never going to be happy with to me a favor get on a raft like the cubans did leave you possessions after trump won all these actors will move we're going to move when we even where they go nobody left what bunch of fucking bullshit odd right we've become a bunch of fuck and faghih fuck them bullshit out as of yet i can't say the word faggot i'm fifty five for thirty years faggot did not lean you will get a not at all at all i met you ever see you would drive down the street and the ambiance has gone by air and you see a guy plug disease yeah that's a fact it right k that's a fact.

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