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ESPN radio interesting. Back and forth between Durell Rivas and and Richard Sherman. I don't know why anyone would ever go after Richard Sherman on anything because he's going to scorch you. There isn't going to be a lot. aww retort so Durell. Rivas is basically saying the only criticism that anyone can file with Richard Sherman which is that he often is a scheme corner as opposed to playing man to man that he doesn't Trail number one receiver all over the place that he plays on on his side and Durrell Rivas showed him getting beat by Davante Adams in the game on Sunday and Durrell Rivas basically criticized Richard Sherman as a scheme guy. Richard Sherman's respond on top of correcting Durell. Revisit spelling he was saying you didn't look just like me in your ninth year. Your ninth. Year didn't look like my ninth year and also enjoy the game from from your couch and Durrell Rivas. The most surprising thing about it to me was as one of the great sports mercenaries of our time his Sunday television set up is pretty weak into it. Looks like a dorm room from a college college student. That doesn't have any money GONNA say it looks like my living room and I just moved into my house. Maybe going for that though. I mean he's going for college. Broke College dorm student. Yeah just like you know hanging around all the guys these coughing right my mouth. And I mean Greg Cody has been caught. You know both go to therapy. Just go to the therapy couch. Both of you. I mean cody is. He Cost Twenty seven times. It's Ryan stifle it. And then STU gods stugatz turns around and blames him. Blames Cody in fact that is two dollars. Planes Cody for the I. Four the phlegm in his throat. When you mean it's a fact that Greg Cody coughing caused you to have flim and Gurgle it into into the microphone directly in my mouth? Both of you get Outta here. Take your time fellas like this is punishment it over there waving Mike. How much did you enjoy the reverse and Sherman back and forth? Well I loved it because they both made amazing points. I think Reba is absolutely right in. Maybe you look. There's a reason why everybody does it. And historically Pete Carroll's add grape production from quarterbacks that whenever they leave that system they hadn't really done well up until until now what Richard Sherman doing thirty one years old often Achilles injury which is usually a death sentence for athletes and other scientists starting to get better there but at a thirty thirty one at an age of thirty one off an Achilles injury to lead another team defensively to a super bowl. It's really great and you don't really have a good comeback occur. Yeah my year nine look a lot better than yours. It's a hater criticism. Though to take the one time he gets beaten the game that they're willing winning by a million points and two point doubt from your couch while you're not playing in your out of the League You know it just. It's it's reeks of petty. There's no reason to do it. It's super petty and I'm not really sure if there's more to that argument than that. I'm not sure if they get along because they were always the guys that were compared to each other. But I do think that there's room room for some of these discussions. How much scheme helps inflate certain players numbers? That doesn't take away. Well I guess it Kinda does but look Mostert Mozart played a brilliant game. He's clearly the best option backfield that when map rita was healthy. He was running for eighty yards money. But the Shanahan's will get that out of just about anybody somehow yeah the Shanahan's and Kubiak the world whenever there's zone blocking scheme takes over for a running back their numbers just inflate and it's something specific traffic to them. There are plenty of other teams are like. We'd love to do zone blocking scheme for a running game and it doesn't end up working some really talented backs and putting stinky years like Darren McFadden but if Salvin young can perform this if Elaine is gary can perform in this Rueben drones can perform on this. I think there's a conversation to be had there. I really do. Oh Billy you're down on curb. Yeah I watched the first episode where I didn't I I don't know I felt like the first like five or six minutes. A lot of it was look really forced. I mean I'm assuming it will get better throughout the season. It was just like some of the stuff was outrageous and there was no real. Well wait a minute. That's the entire career. That's that Larry. Every David has built two industries after out of no point to what it is that they're doing just a minor grievances that he makes major by being a bleep pool. That's the whole. That's that's the whole construct. I mean I've seen curb before I know how the show works I'm just saying usually it's around a storyline when you're walking around just breaking right instead holding each other. Well it's ridiculous that we're here. I mean Dan as usual continues. The banishes for no reason whatsoever when he's the one doing all the wrong stuff on the show but did you hear what he said earlier. You said early. We started the show. Hopefully they bleeped it because because that's the kind of thing that gets you know. So you know you break a selfie stick you go you push down some of the scooters or whatever. There is fine line. While they're things are going on. But it was just Kinda like -rageous thing -rageous thing outrages thing and then filing I took it I liked I liked that he is tortured. Always always thinking that he's going to run out of ideas on what petty grievance he's GonNa Complain About and I very much for sitting on this caught it would be a little bit A little a bit cumbersome yeah I mean did you hear how he started the show that I did you hear. He started the show whether one spending all the time he's in reruns already. So the episode so is not unlike other episodes that they've done throughout their history where he's cramming more and more ridiculous Silly nonsense into it but you the first five or six minutes seems pointless to you. I was laughing out loud in front of my television. It was just Kinda like I was waiting to see where we were kinda going because it was just him and Leeann walking around and just you know causing some trouble but Leon being funny while they were they were funny. But you know. And he's look it's Billy Gill what the hell do I know. What am I to tell? Larry David what to do. So it's just hard. It's hard to be funny every week. I'm surprised either very comfortable. I would cuddle with you again. I say it's great. It's like a pillow. Hello here this is fantastic. We should we should intensely do some wrong on the air. So the Dan sends us in little cuddling. Your father sounds terrible again Chris. I'm a little worried about him again. Like he's spent the whole show coughing again we. He's been sick for like six months like almost two years now and he every time it's just like I'm just battling adults something he just never dude. I'm worried get better and comes in here. And he's wheezing the whole lumberjack. Thing I mean he makes a joke of it. But you know back in the late seventies in the Yukon. I was a lumberjack for about six or eight months you real yeah I was. I was in North West Manitoba. We're cutting Don Hundred Foot Pines and cedars and You know that's what I did so You know March two that were mackinac. Every once in a while I'll have to wear it in Miami though. Yeah well yeah but it was this. Is this the bit that worked so much better on television than it does on radio. Because you're sitting here watching Stu gods and to cody actually cuddling next week uncomfortably. And I'm afraid that whatever your father. It was too cold I loved working. The chainsaw ain't saw you know those are the big eighteen inches it was. You know there's something when you have an eighteen inch saw on your hand off feels h eating. It feels like steroids to me. I think I'd prefer to cut down a tree and the one time I have cut down. I did it with an ax. Well I mean you're a man's man You know mnuchin obviously use only in acts but billy. I don't believe there are a whole lot of people out here. Criticizing the season opener of curb. Your enthusiasm you're so you're really staking your own clan mean. I'm not normally like in the majority on stuff so used this. You generally like the show. I love the show. It's one of my favorite shows. I just you often tastic. I think even after the commercial break when he calls us back we should just stay here. Because it's it's nice. I'm thinking about leaving my wife review appalling bunions onions interesting. Because when he snatched the Gopro Larry David from that ladies and just casually walking pious over his knee Larry until we didn't like apply it seemed like they were just leaning on things that annoy Larry. There wasn't really but usually there's a story around that DOC. I don't understand why you guys are sitting. You're saying of curb your enthusiasm. It seems like they lean on things that annoy Larry and billy saying to me then. I don't need you to explain the show to me. But that's the whole show. The whole show is things that annoy. Larry I'm excited about the Sheryl angle like the rekindling shingle. Damn Damn right I would. He had everything you want in a in a big bad baseball batter. Had the big stick knew how to swing. It can make his own bats. alrighty chop down the tree and make his own bath Jack is your heart beating my it s.

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