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Com. 48. There we go. 5 48 of the sky cut through the crash. That's that. Always blocked and moved into the right part of the right leg still blocked here to get 20 years after west the chapel. We'll tell you what, this gun down 20 coming over for the gallery and stop the cab here in under six minutes. Let's get to the Northeastern separate for 85. North is actually now that I've looked at it closely, quite a bit slow north of Champlain Tucker up through India trail legs that want to once more backups at 20. Got to sell the travel advisory. Maybe sooner. Gridlock alert through Jackson County 85. South of delays A couple of miles before exit 1 37 because of this crash about a bio before exit 1 29 Highway 53 jackknife, Big rig Just the right shoulder open, leaving Just some. Dorton also plays also neither device about a game. Bill. Your altered it. Mike Field School. Recover your traffic centre long ago in Florida North, leaving a podcast getting past Abernathy Road in Sandy Springs in the break, Serena raw as well. And Alpharetta. Maybe some new trouble on Holcomb Bridge Road eastbound, right? Georgia 400. We'll check on that. 75 more pounds all brake lights and calm county from 2 85 of the highway 92 in Acworth 5 25 worked in a full house breaking free of Highway 92 in Woodstock. Good news on the game cam traffic lights back Working Eastwood's connector at Floyd Rose Hill. James in that area, and police activity has had highway to 78 westbound shut down a highway 61 in Dallas. Merchants drives a good alternate triple team traffic 95.5 to the U. S. B. I believe the kitchen is the new family room. It's where you live Kitchen renovations are one of the highest return on investment, home improvement projects. Plus you get to enjoy it every day. Hi. I'm Leslie.

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