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Returned to the capital to take up a series of gun control measures, the special session comes in response to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that makes it easier to get a permit legally to legally carry a gun in public. Governor Kathy hochul outlined some of the measures yesterday among other things the state is poised to ban guns from being carried into private businesses unless the business owners specifically allows it. We're standing up for the rights of business owners. Standing up for their right to be able to protect their premises and their patrons and their fellow workers and their employees, and that's what we're going to do. Huckel says she's still working out the details of the legislation with top lawmakers, state Senate majority leader Andrea Stewart cousins says her house is ready to act. The MTA says its congestion pricing program is back on track after federal officials delayed approval of a routine environmental assessment for months, WNYC Stephen Nestlé reports. This spring, after MTA officials submitted documents to the federal highway administration, they were taken aback when the feds replied with more than 400 follow-up questions about the environmental impacts of charging drivers a fee to enter Manhattan below 60th street. After three months of work, the MTA reports this week it answered all of those questions and now awaits federal approval to move to the next phase. The MTA still hopes to begin charging drivers by late next year, but it's still has to conduct more public outreach and determine how much to charge drivers so it can raise $1 billion a year. The MTA says his congestion pricing plan should be in place by next year. New Jersey lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday that will improve working conditions for the state's 100 30,000 temporary workers WNYC's Karen yee will have that story coming up for us at 8 30. Let's take

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