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All going to disobey governor Mike the one assigned to bill law that among other things turned Ohio's primary election and will vote by mail only balance due around a month from now and moves the state income tax deadline to July fifteenth consistent with the IRS cities with April fifteenth deadline for the city taxes need to move them individually even if they do use a service like read out to collect their taxes a Cleveland restaurant known for training recent prison parolees for the restaurant business is now ready to train food service workers who have lost their jobs because of the corona virus pandemic Brenda Chris consti of Edwin's restaurant says he could be a sounding board to maybe help you with your next plans like starting a food truck or already positioned and set up to to do these very things and and and we can help the system into this process it can be daunting the training sessions from noon to two each week there at once which is on shaker square on the east side of Cleveland for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast tab for the latest news and information I'm Tom Moore filling your feed with the top trending news Columbus he's on newsradio six WTVN right now there is a lot to consider when selling a home home equity is high housing inventory is down and interest rates are at an all time low but will the uncertainty of current world news drag down the whole market you need answers and that's why you should call the area's real estate authorities Serra and Debbie Reynolds the Reynolds team with Keller Williams realty just one five minute.

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