Brett Cabinet, Royal Oakes, Analyst discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


The senate already the lines are drawn as democrats joined protesters outside the supreme court new york senator kirsten gillibrand says roe v wade is on the line freedom jamaica own decision abc's kate shaw says rose is not the only key issue this new court may decide recission of dhaka right the deferred action program percolating in the lower courts that can be before the supreme court core presidential power questions if the muller investigation really does sort of turn more front and center to the president himself and oregon senator jeff merkley is concerned what this means for the muller investigation since cavenaugh has argued that a sitting president should not face criminal or even civil prosecution the president trump's nominee a member of the court who will protect me when issues come up regarding my abuse of presidential power abc's meghan hughes says kavanagh's gonna hit the ground running he's already got meetings on capitol hill today senator john kyle is going to act as what's known as the sherpa kyle will help the candidate navigate the nomination process tour capitol hill and sit in on lawmaker meeting abc legal analyst royal oakes says democrats will play for ties in a democrats are going to sift through literally millions of pages of documents searching for evidence of what kind of justice brett cabinet would make and democrats make no secret of the fact that this is a process that should not be rushed they hope to push the confirmation vote passed the midterm abc's jonathan karl says this is the fight republicans hope will rally their base gives the base of the party something to rally around on what was for many of them the most important issue the control of the courts control of the supreme court democrats including senator cory booker believe it may rally their base to especially if labor gay and women's rights are on the line go backward ten twenty thirty forty fifty years the margin is razor thin the white house has already wooing red state democrats none accepted an invite.

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