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Even something from vegan world did you grow and it's true the guard that was on that runs through you veggie grill that have been is that a chain you have to change out and it's kind of got good sort of vegan junk food like you can go in there and get your buffalo wings let's get your chicken sandwich you like fried chicken sandwich and it was that made out of it's not a I think I want to say it's all the same it's a town or something else like one of those of you know a press to kind of that cycle weeks sort of thing but you don't it tastes like chicken it's got the same consistency stricken and that some it sounds interesting mail other beyond a Lotta beyond meat stuff there they got talk grows I got some good stuff all it can really because they actually do have some great Jennifer anyway US so it's located right where where pup who's the hot dog place over there by Boston market I know where that's right yeah it's right by a Bob's Big Boy right yeah I know but as they used to have a great burger there what was the name of that I remember what it was but they used to have a really good hamburger there and the hot dog stand right next that market and the Jews place their boss the market now all right all right I I don't you saw this that you would be interested is because you're on a on a car guy five there's a cross country unofficial race you know people try to beat the record of driving from New York to the Pacific coast right I think it's New York LA and the record was twenty eight hours and change having twenty eight fifty and somebody beat it just the other day no kidding yeah twenty they beat by almost an hour what a driving the dry I think they're driving souped up BMW and I know what they call the cannonball run or they they just call it you know coast to coast but they did it in little over twenty seven hours they averaged a hundred miles an hour thank averaged a hundred miles an hour and a one point they're going a hundred ninety three miles an hour wow and the car if they have eighteen eighteen support cars with them and from state to state and that car is up up ahead of a fifty to a hundred miles you know going eighty ninety hundred ten miles an hour in that car gets pulled over by cops then they radio back you know that there's a copier cop there we know we've got a pen down right and only one time where they locked on radar in the cop decided not to pursue him he's doing a hundred and thirty five miles an hour at the time but they the top speed was one ninety three they did it straight through they didn't take a nap so they they you know the only stop for gas they put an extra gas the fuel tank in the back it took out the back seats the trunk but extra fuel tank in to save time and they didn't a little over twenty seven hours wow I mean that's imagine the adrenaline it's going through your body for twenty seven hours gets they must rotate drivers yeah they have three drivers run three guys and I they all rotate there probably you know whizzing in bottles and stuff you know sure sure but but that is you know somebody might try was in a bottle of a hundred ninety three miles but it's it's also I mean you've got a also time it out where you're not gonna hit a city in rush hour round you're not gonna go through you know Phoenix Arizona at four PM it has to be a super well planned thing absolutely yeah yeah it has to be extremely well planned and the beat by an hour is you know sensation in the satisfaction you feel if you got a cop chasing yeah that just stops wait even chase him you're going the opposite way an elaborate are on it they can tell they have eighteen radar devices on on the car and they can tell when a cop locks as radar audio and the cop going the other way lock the rate on I'm going hundred thirty five but the guy was in the end of his shift you want to turn around and you know some cops do that by these guys so these other guys they they basically sacrificing themselves they're getting pulled over the guys the idea yeah some guys do yeah and they and they all paid pitch in and pay for that the more they talk to the car I would think if you talk to the cops to be kind understanding most of these cops are a lot of them are gear head channeled into cars yeah it's they called the cannonball run they still called the other here yeah and it's it's literally I'm you know and and a ton of people try it look it's it's ultimately it a really unsafe thing to do so that movie was true yeah it was said to have been true start identically see that will be one of seven yeah my dad my dad was in that movie about that was he really well he's in the in the cannonball run I think number two and but it's just a little bit on a walk on you know of course but they were there that was what made that movie all these cameos from stars that's right of fun but yeah they broke the coast to coast record and it you know it's it's an amazing feat because I don't think it'll be broken again I think you know I think people realize twenty seven hours in twenty five minutes it's just too much I tried it to try to clips that try to beat that in nineteen thirty three that trip was fifty three hours there with the bill the guy I who were set that record in nineteen thirty three was fifty three hours and so they cut that by more than half it was said Mercedes I'm sorry the Mercedes AMG E. six three sedan and it drove from sea to shining sea in twenty seven hours and twenty five minutes which cities did they did they leave and end up in they went they I think they start in Brooklyn and I believe they ended up in Hermosa beach Manhattan Beach Redondo Beach area but it says they average a hundred miles an hour ultimately reached the coast and they went as fast as a hundred ninety three miles an hour and the picture of the G. P. S. at the end of the video reveals you have maximum seer speed of a hundred ninety three miles an hour any says they the you know they they are they said they don't put anybody's life in danger which I don't know I mean that's a I guess a judgment call right has gone by your hundred ninety three miles an hour right exactly you know he pops a tire and all the sudden you're doing cartwheels with them but barring something like that I get from service from Tampa caution yeah to Clermont and I left at ten AM on Thursday and pulled into my driveway at two AM Saturday morning where we started from where Tampa Tampa Florida yes I was on the west coast of Florida so it's not a full coast I get it star on camp at ten o'clock AM on a Thursday Meinhold into Claremont at two AM Saturday morning wow that's pretty impressive yeah over the summer at eleven AM I left Burbank and I got the del March six via seven hours ago to del Mar in affect cell I mean these guys went across the country in a little over a day that's crazy I mean if they left it at six PM in New York on a Saturday each day we get to Redondo Beach by nine PM sh the next day but it's really it is all of the planning as we said it has to be yeah I mean that you got a plan this out it's gonna be very expensive to do and and it's you know it's one of those things where you know again it may never happen again I mean they took that AMG sedan and they it's seven hundred horsepower show was as fast as my hell cat what I had but then they put on upgraded turbo down pipes an inter cooled version intakes and special breaks suspension I'm just reading about all this stuff and it's all going to be expensive right oh my god yeah but I'm sure sponsors right I yeah I'm sure you do well I don't know I mean I I you you probably do but you're right about them not making a deal with the cops to reserve built in net radar detector windshield mount escort match three sixty radar detector on top of that yeah and a L. priority laser jammer system and an aircraft collision avoidance system wow that's that last bit is stuff that's usually in airplanes to help avoid hitting on airplanes it's got to be expensive right right yeah we just have that kind of radar equipment on board but the reason why I don't think they have sponsors it's like folks wagon when want to sponsor that because first of all is breaking the law the entire time right there's never time were you going thirty five miles an hour in a school zone right but also if anybody who ever got hit and killed my boat Volkswagen would not want to be on you know on the TV saying well Volkswagen sponsored cannonball run by end in tragedy when it hit a school bus outside of Kansas city here's the footage yeah you're right yeah and I bet you anything that they covered up the logo of that cars so wouldn't even be evident that it was a Mercedes I think you're right okay but they waited everything out on the card from the looks of the picture I'm looking at they ran way is by the way they were using way is that right if you were the cop for yeah and and to see I guess traffic but cops as well and to document it because it had to be documented in to be considered a record I had to Garmin GPS units and day and these GoPro's going the whole time right and they and they're gonna wait for a year to put out any footage of it because the cops can still bust them for it for the next three hundred and sixty five days a year they can put out the fire that's well to know that it's pretty cool I went to enforce the selected on ways probably our very own Amy kidding yeah but she's got to be talking fast your mac I think my life economic right here I made a slowdown Florida you know where it says how fast you're going now you know you're over the speed limit and the entire time they're going a hundred plus miles an hour sh gun ball rally yeah gumball rally I sort of think dog six did that my favorite movie of that it was the it beyond the wild wild wild wild west was not the movie of where mad mad mad mad mad mad world that was the that was right and you're right Campbell rally was that the version of the by the man I'm not mad world but it went out on four wheels yeah that was great I realize that the one that my dad took me get gumball rally with the one that I had there was a lot of the water I'm Monica ranks from VK if I twenty four hour news your mobile the will reopen tomorrow following the death of the man who is trying to help find a missing hiker Tim staples was killed a week and a half ago to fall he'll be remembered as ceremony Saturday and abundant living church in Rancho Cucamonga say it is moving fast as he delivers.

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