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What like attracts like? Yeah. Ended the day. That's still, you know, it's still very frustrating to live in a world where you think oh God. Why can't we the whole race of humans? Just advance a little bit further. It feels you You know. know? My substance abuse had to do with just being so bore. My God everything first year of sobriety is most fucking boring time I've ever had like I almost pulled my hair literally out of my head like not even just like like just living in the present. Sometimes so fucking boring, and like you just have to learn how to how to condition that boredom into something productive magic filling up boredom with something creative. Because there's a lot of kids out there who struggling or not fill it in and live with the silence. With the stillness, which is where a lot of magic happens. Absolutely. But, you know, so so you're very famous how do you find people who you can be friends with who you who aren't out to looking for some free ride, or you know, some acclaim because they know you eat away. It's it's impossible to suss out all those people. Because a lot of people are really good faker. And you're still finding out now. I know I am going to be fifty and I'm still finding out now in life. Oh my God. I am not who I thought you are not who. I am. And I know you are too. So just like you're saying, I think it's impossible to I don't think there is a formula of understanding how to decide people are good people are bad. I think it's a matter of experiencing people and having the openness to experience people, despite the fact people continue to fuck you over. Yeah. Like, I one of the things that I really love about myself that took a long time to love is that despite the fact that a lot of people have taken advantage of me and Thuc me over and really manipulated everything around me. I am still undeterred from people. I really love people, and I love connecting with people in really authentic ways. And like, I I don't think that there's any. I mean, maybe there is. But like, it would be a really horrible thing to deter me from my connected with people in love for people. And I think I think that's how you use. You get out the bad ones is having the capacity to accept accepts acceptance in. I think what differentiates you from when you were a kid. But there's a lot of celebrity kids out there. You know, we've got a lot out there. You've got one on the level of Lisa Marie Presley, you know, and then Madonna's kids, but then I I was just sitting here thinking listening to you talk. There was a different obsession with with Kurt Cobain and Courtney love but courteous like a God. And the way Elvis was in many levels can imagine for Lisa John Lennon. Yeah. But it's a different time. You see us because now and your generation and you're much younger than those kids is obsessive more obsessive. So I can't imagine the energy.

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