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And one thing that always amazing to me when you wake up in the morning your whiskers are the equivalent strength of copper thin copper wire so think about that that's why it's very important that you prep your skin when you shave i like shaving in the shower you get that humid moist air it's warm it's wet softens the beard i apply a special lubricant on my skin and then i just use regular shaef oh i used to use all the others fancy ones that comes out of the tube in the shape now i just use shave foam but the key is a sharp razor now i use the gillette fusion now here's one thing you see all these shave clubs that come around and all these shave club ceo this ray this this razors good for three weeks and gillette saying oh you'll have to report to compete they say you only have to replace your blade every three weeks baloney i've got a very strong very thick beard and i can tell you that if i were to go three weeks with the same blade my face would be a trail of of giant cuts and nicks and i get a horrible shape i have to change my blade if i shave every day usually every once a week after anywhere between usually i can get five six days to about eight nine days but to me i usually change it every week and the reason being is after that it starts getting very painful because i like a close shave it doesn't cut properly so i need a shave every week and then when i'm done i put some witch hazel afterward to make sure that my skin is properly conditioned afterwards and then when i'm done with grooming procedures i like to put on my cologne now there's different colognes that i like i've stated to too many times bull gary the original is my favorite i get compliments everywhere i go you could ever go wrong with bulgari it's a wonderful fragrance i like more of a citrusy based fragrance i don't like a heavy woody musk type of sent living in florida and a tropical climate year round i like something that's fresh in clean in the winter when it's a little cooler outside at night yeah i'll probably do some dole chain gabbana little bit different a heavier sent but i certainly will not do it for most of the year here in florida especially now that i'm in vegas so i like more of a citrus type of sent so to me i love mugabe that's my number one i love dunhill fresh a slightly heavier but somewhat citrusy sent cologne that i also enjoy is the sonoma blue very much enjoy that so those are my goto and i will always look at some newer awkward the show by giorgio armani aqua gao house spelled is very light very fresh very citrusy very lemony i'll enjoy that too but i have never once gone somewhere where people have said oh what are you wearing it smells terrible everywhere i go yesterday going getting on the plane woman behind me sniffs his general does she didn't always general which hear my voice afterward she recognized me but she said excuse me what are you wearing and i said i'm wearing i'm wearing bulgari and she looked and said it smells fantastic and then she proceeded to tell me she said wait a minute your voice sounds familiar what do i know you said well i'm the general scottish was yes yeah my husband loves your show he goes i love your show love the alpha male thing she's like hold on a second i gotta write this down she starts typing it down in her phone said easy just remember it's it's bulgaria you cannot go wrong the original become they've got like five or six line extensions but the original to me is still the absolute best i've never gone somewhere where people say oh your your cologne is.

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