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Bush turnpike and in her studies the big forty north of the pipeline an accident blocks away clean that's backed up past Randall mill around one forty one with KLIF traffic of the five I'm bill Jackson I'm meteorologist Brad Martin will finally starting to dry out around rain moving out this morning sun coming out this afternoon but it is going to stay chilly with a high of only forty seven today and wins out of the north fifty to twenty and gusty loner thirty tonight will be mostly sunny and fifty tomorrow Saturday looks partly cloudy fifty six and it could be a little bit better on Monday I'm KLIF WBTV meteorologist Brad bird right now we have clouds in forty six how to show up with coca Cola energy you're tired and you're thinking of cancelling on your friends don't do it every time you canceling a friend a unicorn loses its point it becomes a regular force do you really want that on your conscience instead grab an ice cold can of coca Cola energy with delicious coke tastes and reinvigorating and it's keep the unicorns a live show up every day with coca Cola energy energy one taste you love state of the art your listening to real news and information in the morning with David hi it's going back and I'm coming up next live at night from Dallas fort worth with my thoughts and opinions on the big stories of the day the Glenn Beck program right here on five seventy K. L. I. F. but.

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