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Have to go in seconds team building sessions well it is Gabriel company called puzzle break has taken its in person rooms online with a ninety minute zoom call adventure called the grand escape and just like a real escape room you your friends have to solve problems and puzzles to get out and it's moderated by a puzzle break in play the game slash zoom call it cost twenty five Bucks for up to six players and finally I think that this is Jim week meeting that you're supposed to be able to get away from all right let me tell you about these earbuds amazing and if you're working from home you don't need or want everyone listening into your phone calls know what you're watching being disturbed by your music it's stressful enough that's why everyone needs a great pair of wireless earbuds and you do know that ray kind here but start at about half the price and any other premium wireless earbuds on the market and they sound just as amazing as the other top audio brands that you know well their newest model the every day eat twenty five your buds are truly their best ones yet six hours of play time seamless Bluetooth pairing literally just like one little touch and it's done more based on more compact designed to give you this nice noise isolating fit of rage comes wireless ear buds are so comfortable they're just perfect for conference calls video chats Beijing podcast whatever you're watching and also what I love about this is whether you have errors that are too small or let's face it as you get older your ears get bigger they do it's just a matter of life rake on your beds come with six pairs of silicon tips that will fit your ears perfectly I like some of your other wireless options recon your buds are both stylish they're discreet no dangling wires are stabs the company was co founded by ray J's levers like Snoop Dogg Cardi B. Melissa Etheridge are obsessed with their ray Cobbs and now it's time for you to see exactly what all the.

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