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The corona virus which I think is my fault. We are forced to do this. Podcast from remote locations. And I really hate doing this with you because I'm a as you know I'm a huge fan of yours and really look forward to being in the same room with you so I'm sorry just by looking at you right now. Listening to you. I have to take the oddly out safe overwhelmingly comforted by seeing you many. Consider me an almost Christ like figure and I'm glad that you seem to agree with that. Assessment Oh hey hi Mary on my God look at that. I love that this is so fantastic. I saw like such a Geek. I'm like look it's Mary Steve Virgin. That's really cool. Yeah she was delivering a rice cake with almond butter and honey. Because I got so stressed out setting this thing up just now that I needed protein in. I needed a quick okay. This is what I WANNA talk about. I sat silently creep. I didn't announce myself and I listened for fifteen minutes or married while he in minutes. Oh Hello Mary again. How are you there she goes again? Wow wish I had someone that loved and cared for me anyway. Maybe next life Ted. Why you choose your rice cake and your almonds and honey. I'm going to speak because I have something to say. Should take about forty five minutes. I was listening to you while my team lead you through the complicated setup of doing the zoom plus all the audio stuff involved in doing this podcast and you were so patient and kind to everybody. You didn't know that I was listening at the whole time. I thought this is really stunning. You have this incredibly. Genteel way about you and people on my team were apologizing for how much you had to do. And you kept saying no no please. Please do not apologize. Do not apologize. We should play some of that because First of all it's hilarious. How all of us. I mean literally. It's like we're like we're monkeys trying to land a space shuttle. That's how I feel. I feel completely but listening to you and I feel bad myself because this is what they lead me through every time and I'm always saying things like wait. Hit The apple. Is that next to the wait? Where's the quick time? Where's the space bar and so I'm comforted that you had as much trouble as I have? And some but that whole thing about me being kind and gentle or something it's like. I'm trying to land a seven forty seven in somebody's talking me through it. You don't get snappy with the people are saving your life so thank you team. Thank you judging. You is not even anywhere near my brain. So no you know. What's funny. Is that the quality of my zoom is such that right now you are in an cereal glow. Yes I am now. I don't know if you put bree over the Lens I really do feel right now. I'm falling in love with you. Weird dream it's crazy. I also I'm late stage Glaucoma. So maybe that's it too. I googled you know Doris Day's filter. Yes I swear to God you can ask your team. I don't know why or what 'cause we tried cleaning it off with my My shirt I think he used your shirt. And some Ham gravy tacoma land. You know what there is. There is like almond butter spilling my shirt. Maybe that's the PROB. Well I wouldn't worry about it. You look absolutely beautiful and it reminded me of saw an interview. Once on Larry King Live where Larry had regular lighting and he sitting maybe five inches away from rocket Welsh who had brought her own lading contraption and it was fascinating because they were inches apart they would cut to Larry and then they in hit say so tell me rock hell. Was it like when you first broke out in nine hundred sixty two. It must have been quite a thing and then they cut US rock. How Welsh and she was in another dimension inches from each other but looked. She looked like she was talking from heaven. It was absolutely fantastic. Hey thanks for doing this by the way. It's join a talk to you me too seriously. It's really nice to see you and I'm assuming you're well loved ones or good in all of that. Yeah everyone's everyone's fine We're all lucky. Yeah blast that we get to just hunker down and So I think about that every day. I can't possibly Complain I still do and Entreat people around me with great bitterness. What I'm thinking about is I do know you have some natural anxiety in the best of times. Are you a little bit of a Hypochondriac I I'm very conscious and aware of my body. Thank you very much. That's a that's a whole different thing than hypochondria but yes gives you say you don't you. Don't like the term hypochondriac. You like to say I'm very aware of my body. I'm hyper aware of my body. What is it called? When I'm hyper aware of other people's bodies and I've been told that that's not a good thing it can lead to not good things but yes yes that that. Yes I've talked to. I've talked to several times and I did a week in prison Is this do helping you during this time of quarantine and pandemic is your awareness of your instrument and your body's it helping you sort of. I'll tell you something I think i. I was not a smart hypochondriac now. I feel like I'm eating so much. Better I am not drinking because I don't which was not a problem but I- doing everything I can do. Remain healthy but the big thing is. I think I went really fast in life. Tried to do everything and Hey I'm seventy two. I can still do everything and all of that. I I think this little breath That we're all taking an I taught. I know everything we say. We have to clarify that. We're not ignorant of Massive amount of suffering massive amount of indebtedness. We have to those people that are out in the world taking care of us all. That's true back in my little bubble. Mary are eating really well and exercising. And and just taking that moment to be together in a real way in deeper than I think I sorry I'm rambling but I think that I used to think I'm Mr Light Madly present in in love with Mary and true. That was true but I also noticed. Oh I used to like half listen and then figure out what she was saying and then decide what I was gonna say and then interrupt or because I I'm going fast. I'm going fast right. And now all of a sudden everything is slowed down in this There's so many little silver linings in our relationship one last thing. I'll let this go but at seventy two and Mary's sixty seven. I think we might have gone really fas- until the end and taking this moment almost feels like a little gift. I know it's surrounded by suffering but it's a little gift. What's the silver lining? I keep saying there. There are silver linings in this time. I love myself that every night I have dinner with my wife and two kids And and it was a gift that came out of all this. 'cause usually I'm rushing around so much between the show and the podcast and different things that I've said that I would do. I don't often make it home for dinner. And now we all have dinner together and I like it my children want me gone but at least I'm happy and you did that. Pace were twenty thirty years. Whatever it's been you know you nonstop. Yeah it's it's you know. We have obviously very very different careers. And and what you've undertaken is you have phases where you're working on different projects and there are different. Eras of Ted Danson. I think for me. There's just been when you start in the the talk show comedy world and you get into it it literally is just trying to keep a brushfire going. Your fear is this thing is lit. It's on fire I've gotTA keep finding more kindling and keep it going and if it ever goes Out Parish so I was thinking about this before we got on the line today that I first became aware of you. When I saw the onion field ran I love that movie? I was probably early teen or something and I. I saw the onion field and I said who is that guy. That guy's great then. I saw body heat and loved your character. And this is all pre cheers. I think body heat was before tears wasn't so then And I remember thinking I really liked this guy and then you got cheers. And of course there's that whole explosion for you of that could have been enough. That was that's more than enough for any actor. You know what I mean just to have Sam Malone and to be so iconic and then you've shaped shifted about seven times since then in a way that I find hard to compare with. I can't find other examples of people that have found. A single activists found so many different ways to contribute and to find ways to resonate but each time completely reinventing themselves. And you credit some of that too Larry David especially when you're getting you more and more into the comedy round true true. Yeah I think I think there's a point where I felt that I had stayed too long. The half hour comedy party in other people were funnier. I was boring myself. I was for myself. I was predictable. And all of that and and I had a show cancelled that ZAN which focuses you very quickly and I thought an I called Jeffrey Katzenberg. Who worked together several times? It said you don't have to pay me. I don't care what it is. Or how big this can you start putting me into any kind of movie and I think that led to a small part and saving private Ryan and so is GonNa be the new starting over in film kind of thing and then along came Larry. Show which is Kinda funny. Because Marion I sat in an addict in. Martha's vineyard looking at I think a rough cut of the first of the pilot of Curb and Several people fell asleep and I married I well. I won't put throw Mary under the bus is when I was growing up for this sucks. But he's he's so he's so sweet and I want him to be a friend and so we did the phony thing at the end of a wonderful and if you ever need us the play ourselves of course were there for you on his shot in turned out to be Well I mean I hate singing. Its praises in public but You know he really turned the half hour on its ear and to be part of that reinvigorated. Mike kind of delight in and funny. So it's interesting to me because I've heard you say that you do not consider yourself someone who are used to not consider yourself a comedic person or someone with like an inner comedic ear which I find kind of hard to believe unless you have a different standard than the rest of us. I'm full of false humidity by the way so you can check me out but I am thank you. I just noticed WHO's laughing..

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