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What was the reaction being like to this elements by the way to say that, I think you so irritated as well. Yeah, it's a of the shoulders from the Belgians and fury across the press gallery here in Brussels. And you might argue, well where where privileged people participating in a privileged dialogue and of course things cost money. I think it's more the principle that if you're going to Levy something like this, you need to do with people with a strong evidence base. You don't just stick your finger in the picking number and then forget to tell people the new system. Have you come across anything like this before? No, I haven't. I don't pay to go to the board economic forum in double. I never been discriminated against as journalists like this. It's a, a free press usually comes with free access, and that's one of the basic conditions of the democratic discussion, and that's what makes this unusual. What do you reckon will happen? Next is thirty chose? Does the bills authorities would actually lift this Fay? Will they have baked into the Royal decree that they could reduce the charges? So I think they may come up with some scenario that says, well, we'll do it on an annual basis or they'll come up with. A more efficient system and say, we were just our own cost. So we're just the cost to you. Oh, maybe they'll give a discount. So the freelances I think there is room to maneuvre on the situation, but they, they certainly aren't about to retracted Assyrian. So the fee will be hundred euros a year. I'm wondering, Ryan. Where would you rather spend thus amounts of money in Belgium? I would rather spend it on the chocolate was good quality ice cream to be honest, maybe chocolate the bad idea in this sort of temperature, but also put it into better quality journalism. If I've got five hundred euros to cover summit, I'm going to put it into bed equality microphones. I'm going to put it into some kind of interesting staging, the audience not handed over to the security of those Feb that was Ryan Hayes from politico, thank you very much for joining us in the program and thus awful. This addition of the briefing, it was produced by Reese James and research to buy healing af-. Julia Webster, the amount of she was Christie Evans. This is back. Tomorrow at the same time. Meanwhile do join entry beautiful today's edition of Midori house alive at eighteen hundred London time. Thirteen hundred interro Margot safe ex-police Ning by now..

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