SpaceX calls off 1st launch attempt of giant new rocket


SpaceX had to cancel the launch of its massive starship rocket because of a technical glitch detected at countdown. We're inside T -8 minutes and counting. The 400 foot rocket was on the launch pad in the southern tip of Texas and was being fueled for its test flight across the globe when a problem was detected. SpaceX, mission control. Flight director is talking about the issue we've had on first stage working the pressurization system. A stuck valve scrubbed the launch. Even though fueling was completed as a dress rehearsal for the next attempt, which could come mid week. Space enthusiasts had gathered near south padre island, RVs and cars jammed the road that leads to the launch pad. Some express disappointment they didn't see it fly. Starship is planned for travel to the moon and eventually to Mars. I'm Jackie Quinn

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