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I'll take my folders and leave his name movie. Okay Gabby go ahead. What was that. It's Johnny Johnny. What Guy Thank God remembers last name basic name Johnny Muscle Guy Castle Johnny Castle? Alpine no hell. No I never crease. Different team with the big way. Congratulations Beulah. Thanks for being my partner today. Let you down. That's okay. You didn't let me down. I leased out. Hey Tom later Mamassani. Wwe before you know. Let me hit Tommy with this. One real quick. The skyscrapers managed by Teddy Long. We're made up of which two superstars I come kid me and Mark Calloway Dan Spivey. And then SID VICIOUS ALRIGHT. Correctomundo my friend ninety so Undertaker's hang on undertaker's finished recalled the heat seeking missile boom right there by the top heat seeking missile right there. He didn't got Stanford Idgah. No of course not what he's crazy you're gonNA blow me away. Here's the very last one which talk show. Host was sprayed with a fire extinguisher. During Hyper Morton. Downey junior man. I can't get anything past. We'll look at the size of us. How you're going to get anything passed US bill. Thanks my partner. Thanks for being Tommy. You are amazing bully. You're good to once again. Great job great job everybody. I'm so happy we won. I can run with this on social media for like. Oh my God. I'm angry right now. You'd have to go to my house of Michigan because it would be unbearable ear torment you all day long. Who My God? I'm so angry with myself but I you know why not thinking of anything but music this whole time how women not know the name of the star of dirty dancing. I mean that's Johnny Women. Doing big lights thirty kids fan. I didn't watch movies. I was my black leather jacket with the frigate infringe on listening to heavy metal. And there you have it and deal you see how he just turned on you. He's trying to be all nice and like. Oh Yeah I love you such great partner but then when you turn your back he sticks it to you because you're one hung up beside. She hung up right there. You gotTa admit I got every frigging question right. I I Scott. I know I asked for one question to be answered. One and let down answered safe say so. Hey does he go to have Google machine and you can look up the answer. Get three minutes Johnny Johnny native. That comes unbelievable. I don't have the Google right now. Among those bone steel. Thanks again. Thanks for thank you amazing moment and more things to bully to make because a back back at del friscos. When you guys back in the studio you'RE EXPECT GRECO TO PAY FIDEL friscos. He's guy have you ever see my paycheck lately. Scott Yeah he's right Danny's if they're lucky. Danny's days yes. I was watching Last night and iceman King Parsons defeated. Armand and the announcer said and the winner in two seconds being partisan and I was like that even possible was that Marc Lawrence led said that yeah he also had a night do stuff the fabulous free birds as Buddy Hayes and It was it was a bad announcer night that was not a good night for Marc Lawrence. But it was a good day for our very own. Scott Stanford Scott. Thank you so much for doing this. We really appreciate it. Thank you thank you guys. That was fun. Have a good one. My man if the Scott Stamford. Thank you the fuel a thank you to Tommy Dreamer. That was awesome. I lose again. Bully wins your home for all things. Combat Sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Start Your Day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted open. We spent these men and women that Buell the business then the Aachen so keeps you up to date on all things boxing. Boxing is the fear of young expect. And then Luke Thomas has you covered for mixed martial arts. Joe Rogan is the most important influence in all the fake name. Broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm FIGHT MASON. One fifty stakes. We've talked about this nauseam on this show for everyone. Has it been or it's been living in a cave and hasn't listened to the show for the last month. They know that I've been banned from a e. W why because cody Rhodes is a huge star wars fan. I wasn't a big particular fan of the entire series. So what does that guy do? Uses his own personal judgment and bands me from a W. so bullying cody and Chris. Jericho had their day on. May the fourth where we celebrated Star Wars. I said if they're going to have their day to celebrate one of their favorite movies I am going to have my day which is now crowned as made the thirteenth which I am going to celebrate one of my favorite movies and that happens to be the classic cinema that was released back in late. April of nine thousand nine hundred eighty five and this movie is now celebrating. Its thirty fifth anniversary and to celebrate the thirty fifth anniversary. They have a new BLU ray of the movie. That movie happens to be just one of the guys and the lead in that movie lead actress. Bully my Princess Leia Star Wars the one and only Joyce highs are. Joyce how are you today? For instance Leah. I'm great this. I mean yeah. I'm Greg You know what I am not great until this moment and till. I didn't believe let me tell you something. Joyce we've added some big names on this show. We've had the famers on this show. We have had Grammy Award winners. Marconi award winners Oscar winners on this show. But I will tell you this. This happens to be by personal favourite greatest moment in the eleven year history of this show. I didn't believe it when guns told me you were coming on but now do you finally on. I can now rest in peace joy size. Thank you for joining Busted Oprah. Oh my God with that kind of an introduction. Are you kidding? I mean why did I wait so long? Well you want to the way to the thirty fifth anniversary. Of course there you go exactly exactly has away so I was thirty five years old joy. Steve absolutely adores you. He he's been talking about you for two weeks. You should see him like that right now. He's like a smitten. Little schoolboy.

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