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Super exhausting though it's probably why had anxiety attack let's be honest i mean most women things i it's because they're in the masculine energy that's really why weavings iety that's like like my dead people probably asked that like oh would you regret it data i'm like no i wouldn't have been debt i wouldn't have done anything like oh this is fine only reason i worked hard because i yeah fuel i was like oh man i gotta pay a hundred thousand dollars crazy yeah crazy all crazy to start doing some closing questions oh i'm ready do you have a favorite poem everybody the red violets are blue i love me ball and so do you barbequed i don't know next why are you laughing that's right there what book would you recommend to somebody getting started on a personal development or self help or whatever growing learning journey unleash the power with tony rob tony boyfriends yeah you do i do i do believe you sold a car to be able to go hey tony you're listening to this do i did one time when i was like nineteen almost twenty i was like joni i must see you and i sat like second row and i was like tony dedication week demi so it's worth it basically paid for the wing paid for the week yeah that would be that would be it i mean there's four hour workweek tim ferriss and all that stuff but i believe that a lot of tony's work is a good foundation it's a good fundamental way to start seeing things and then i also love rich dad poor dad that's a really good i love robert kiyosaki that book changed my life and i from young age was like okay this is how it works what is your do you have a favorite triumph that led you or your biggest wile we'll let's see if i can talk here.

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