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It doesn't make any fucking sense and I've really worked out why I get angry that took a long time to identify connecting all all the way childhood and then developing cognitive behavioral therapy to sort of temper that. So now I still slip up. But I look at my anger life and addiction. It is very similar to right and when I get angry I feel like I fell off the wagon I I feel like shit. So I really admire that it's something that you recognize worked with director who is really fucking tough and it felt irrational like ninety percent of the time and I remember fellow actor after the shoot was. Over said to him. You know you're kind of addict through and I was a witness to this in the flooring part was how shocked you as this whole time I thought that it was all very intentional and calculated his anger and rage. So we all took quite personally but the fact that he wasn't even aware was like, oh, fuck this might be like even worse than we saw. Something a chef told me early on because the first restaurant and most of our restaurants are open kitchens and it's like theater. You can see everything and hear everything, and after me just having a normal day, probably be an asshole a very respectable chef came in and pull me outside and said Hey I want to give you advice the reason you yell because you're not a good chef and you insecure and I was like fuck you and I've thought about that chef moments like ten plus years, and the reality is that chef was one hundred percent right completely insecure and if I was a better chef, if I knew what I was doing if I had a cohesive plan. That's the problem. Every day is about putting out fires metaphorically and literally. But if I was better at being a boss, there is no need to you. I would be thoughtful enough, empathetic, enough, and plan too far ahead enough to have seen all of these problems ahead of time and to communicate individually to each person what I expected out of them, and if I was so good I would have told them watch out for this watch out for this over here this might happen. So prepare for here here and here but I never did that it was always a reactionary and that was a pride swallowing. Know Moment. I how amazing that you? Not many people can do the? Yes. Okay. What was your first love like? My first love. was probably not reciprocated. Never know she'd totally destroyed me. That's what happens. David I paid a boy twenty five cents every day Ryan Giovane in third grade so that he would like me. You really fucked up. He was the fastest runner David nobody could run faster than Ryan well, riot could have in your life you chose to run fast fuck that up. Thanks David Yeah No. My first one really crushed me and it's the kind of one that came into my life..

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