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That would be a factor to me, even if I did like a melon ball, and you said he played in Australia. Grain. If I don't know what he condo's I've never seen you. It is not. I have a flaw on a shot like his brother. My Children What to do with Big baller brand? Just hire him. Same $500,000 in order Anybody? An organization can't talk to the media. Sorry. And then just by, you know, he doesn't want to take it. Then you'll deal with it and you're not going. This isn't You know, she y o r a you basketball? You know you're not going to worry about the father. You'll control the father if you have to, If you think he's that good of a player, But I don't. I've heard they don't. They're not in love with the melon ball. I know Molly doesn't like them at all. He's very skilled, you know, as faras dribbling and shooting and passing. Ah, I don't know. But we'll say we're going to George Kittle today. George killing 12 50 today. So Macon employment, So here's what we got Kind of this hour in the next 40 minutes. Ron would also join us at the bottom the hour lots of news around the Giants. Obviously, with joy Bart being called up today he will be In the line up. He will be their primary catcher for Hans died. He said that about an hour ago, so we'll ask a woody about that. And then we'll get to the Niners. George Kittle at 12 50. You know it between now and then before Woody. There's a bunch of news because Kyle just spoke. So there's a bunch of news coming out of 40 Niners camp a lot on injuries and one that's unfortunate today that we're holding our breath on. So we'll do that. Then we got Ron Wotus than George Kittle at 12 50 Rip off the novice often say we'll do it all coming up next only here on the SportsCenter. Listeningto Papa in London on both sides of the Dial's KNBR, 1045 FM and 6 80 AM thes spores were Chilton Auto Body Traffic.

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