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Nick cave youth like girls i went home and tom looked so handsome and i told him he looks like he does woodworking on the side will that's to step up his eighth the job but be that's not really a compliment by you look unshaven dirty and in old navy and you may have now on if you splinter thousands like that so his like that is such a sweet complements by literally says where suffer and katies glasses game is also hilarious where he these tortoiseshell glasses with diamonds she's basically maxine from the oath the cards they i almost feel like was part of their their plan that they had to put on some some mystical spectacles to see when jacks will be arriving alanthea's is energy get on twitch axes arriving until you plan on this special glasses minor oversized katies are old lady katyusha sing whatever she wants the bill like magical glasses where everything's positive now she's like tom i went home and tom looked like a hidden bali is it never suck him off at heart whoa whoa you've got rant on your face jackson jacks appears at her like just like some big bundle of iceberg lettuce in a taco bell sweatshirt so speaking of taco bell taco bell delivered to the house and seen a goes this had the board this out because we're always saying shamma talks like a mock back and see this she literally made this angius bra.

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