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Brothers. I mean, are we really? It's hard to believe that we're so different. Come on, don't remember you. You know, we have a sister. And we do. She claims that to know you. She claims that she doesn't know what you came from. All of a sudden you were like 30 years old and she doesn't have any recollection of your having been around earlier. It was all she is the reform school, I think that did it. Well, we are here. We are endeavoring to answer. We all endeavor to answer your questions. But first. Well, this sort of has to do with cars. But I promise. This is horrible. I promise that I would give you some of the insights that I've derived over the past couple of weeks that we've been on vacation. And wait a minute, can I ask a question first? How do you differentiate between this continuum of vacation and your professorial duties? What are other classes? That's a classes I'm working if there are no classes on vacation. So you work for like a week in September three weeks in October, one week in December. You don't work in January. February, you managed to take a trip someplace and you escape someone else teaches your classes. Right. March. A couple of weeks, April. Final exams, and that's it. So you work about 5 weeks out of the year. And the rest of the time must be what, by definition. Vacation. I just want to clarify that because I really wasn't sure. And I think your wife will benefit from knowing yourself. Well, I have to share a great texture. For example, yesterday, what time do you go into work? The what? Go ahead. In fact, that's relevant to what I was just going to say that I have to share with you. I was talking to our great technical editor John law at the other day. And he was asking me to Sebastian. And he was trying to arrange with me to pick up a car that he had delivered to us. And he was checking on my schedule. So he said that to me, well, what time are you getting home from work? And I said, actually, I have to leave early today because I got something to do. Tonight. He said, you're going to leave your office early, and I said, yeah, I said, well, don't leave too early or you'll pass yourself going in. Did you? I did. I saw myself on the other side. It's like that. It's like that puzzle we had about the monk. The monk going up the mountain. Yeah. Here's the thing. One of my insights. And actually, this is not one of the insights. We were one of the things I've been discussing with myself recently. Given the great great success that I had with gas grills. As you know, I went bonkers when I bought a gas grill. And because I had brought it home and what did I end up with a kit? I ended up with 5000 pieces and I had to spend a day putting it together to make a guess. You didn't see the small print gas grill hobby. Exactly. And I thought it was, first of all, sleazy that they didn't tell it to me. And secondly, ridiculous that the manufacturers could think that they could sell something that they call a gas grill when it isn't the case. You didn't have the right perspective number one. You should have taken it back to the store with the box with the pieces fall as you walked in. Pizza just falling out. And you film all. And you should have said to the sales person, oh, there must be some mistake. I got one that was a whole broken. Can you give me one? All together. Well, as you know, because of this great hoopla that I've brought out. Yes. Now the gas grilled manufacturers are in fact making and selling completely assembled gas grills. In fact, thermos is one of the companies that's been advertising. This is not a bunch of pieces. This is a whole gas that got some nasty letters though, huh? This is ridiculous and I won't stand for it. I think it's important that we take a call right now. One 803 three two 9 two 8 7. I love your own Qatar. Kenny losses from Portland Oregon. Hi. Why aren't you from Kenny bunk porn? I've been there. A long time ago. What's up, Ken? Well, my 81 dots in 5 ten is getting increasingly hard to shift. Well, that's because it's time to dump it. No, no. You're kidding? I don't even say things like that to my dots and it hurts its feelings. Yeah, well, on the what circumstances will it not shift? Under most circumstances. What the engine running? I've been a shift. I have to use the procedure sometimes known as double clutching to get it to go into gear without grinding. A first in reverse the worst first and reversed the worst. No, it's not the worst in reverse. No? Second. Give us a hint here. Speak to us, Kevin. Well, I give us a typical scenario of what kinds of things happen. You start the car. It's not consistent. It seems it doesn't have any specific RPM. Sometimes it shifts just beautifully. And then

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