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You notice Democrats they just declare things to be and they never put themselves in a position where somebody might say well how is that you know that the facts are not in dispute that Donald Trump did X. Y. Z. is not in dispute they're widely in dispute but then they just set this up because if you go on only on MSNBC there's no dispute there's no debate there's no individual thought over at MSNBC so it's just straight up the there's no dispute there's nothing Nancy Pelosi makes a declarative statement here that Democrats make often they make this all the time they never asked about it go ahead play the cut what will the checks be honest president if he is reelected let's not even contemplate that at that because that that that that really the gist of damage that this administration has done to America it's a great country we can sustain two terms I don't know who is the damage done to hammer garment that Donald Trump has gone to our constitution to our country car fabric what damage what is the damage where are these massive violations of anything other than perhaps the societal norms by tweet that Donald Trump has wrought upon this country where is the collapse that Donald Trump has brought about the economy is booming it is humming along we have not started a war anywhere when's the last time you had a president where we have started a war somewhere it's been awhile Barack Obama bond more countries than any president in history yeah the anti war movement weirdly went away during the bush administration there is a biggest threat in the world bush Hitler bush Hitler and they were out of the streets every weekend and getting media coverage Cindy she hand might as well have had a show on MSNBC she was on there so often Barack Obama gets elected and suddenly everybody in media delete her phone number forget she exists and then Barack Obama bombs well what country you got let's bomb them you hear about the mess that the Obama administration created in Libya if you don't it's a failed state but not Donald Trump a lot of things and maybe there are times when we should have bombed places that he hasn't but he hasn't started wars and disease he somehow offset the is done so much damage to this country house tax cuts tax cuts that led to three point five percent unemployment I'm so sorry for your loss Nancy are you okay the deregulation of valve ridiculous areas of the economy that the government has no business in are you all right Nancy should you be sitting down I can't read your face are you upset are you happy are you in different are you awake your face doesn't move what's the deal ask a Democrat when you run into one of them this week interview next time you hear Democrats friend of yours come what is it yeah the Donald Trump needs to be removed from office he's doing so much damage to the country ask them what the damages what is the damage I really honestly have no idea what the damages that might say something like well he's he's he's really harming our children by leading such a horrible example of saying mean things on Twitter in this anti bullying world he's bringing toxic masculinity or whatever they say because we can't we have they'll say racism but they can't really prove racism they just throw it out there no se sexism they can't really prove sexism they just throw it out there they never ask homophobia though Donald Trump was actually pro gay marriage long before any Democrat was pro gay marriage Joe Biden gets all the credit I brought the Obama administration to pro gay marriage well Joe you were well behind years behind in fact Donald Trump on the issue so what it wouldn't Brock Obama is hailed as a hero on the issue of gay marriage and he was brought there he didn't get there until the donations from gate Emma craft's were lagging in the twenty twelve election and then suddenly there I yeah I think that you should be able to do this in two thousand and eight you wouldn't have known if you just saw their statements on the issue you wouldn't have known which one was from George W. bush and which one was from Barack Obama on the issue of gay marriage but he's a hero and all while Donald Trump was in favor of it what norms what damage has Donald Trump done to this country any he's upset Democrats I suppose that's something but I would say that that is in keeping with the fine traditions of this country and actually one of the most pro American things you can actually do but I love that they just throw this out there now Jake tapper's sitting there twiddling his thumbs and willing away a piece of wood making his own little dream catcher with Nancy Pelosi's head in the middle of it he can't be expected to ask your question as basic as you're constantly talk about how Donald Trump is doing damage to this country what damage on the world stage maybe they'll say that he's doing damage to the the country's image on the world stage and then you look at the person who says that and they have drooling fits of thrills running up there like when they mention Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada with a history of black face I'm not calling them hypocrites I'm just heavily implying that they are now 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Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour governor Larry Hogan says his education agenda includes plans increase accountability for underperforming schools and school construction funding the governor also proposing a building opportunity fund that would provide nearly four billion dollars for cool school construction funding over five years the General Assembly session begins January eighth and MGM national harbor Bacharach dealer sentenced to eighteen months in prison for his role in a scheme to cheat the house out of just over one million dollars thirty two year old main Jiang of Alexandria Virginia sentenced to three years of supervised release after prison term and ordered him to pay full restitution Amerila man sentenced to five consecutive life sentences plus one hundred fifteen years in prison for shooting that killed four people and wounded another prosecutors said twenty eight year old large Rogers junior entered a district heights home in twenty sixteen he shot the occupants immediately killing three the motive remains unclear Kelly lawmakers unanimously approved a new committee aimed at stopping police misconduct the.

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