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Today. Rory mcilroy is plus one through seven and the weather conditions today. Pretty good seventy four degrees and sunshine NBA's regular season history. And for the Brooklyn nets finished us to succeed in Eastern Conference open playoff action Saturday afternoon. Two thirty in Philadelphia against the Sixers goal is simple Brooklyn's the Angela Russell, and it's more than just competing in the opening round. Now, I wanna make it out. I know we're here now. So. Goes coming in China Jeeva, and the Knicks figures to be a log that they hope productive off season with a top draft pick and free agency at seventeen sixty five that kind of toes you the story tonight off after being swept in both admits abridged tonight at Lanta Seeven math and Kevin Gosper. Are you starters and the islanders penguins game to their Eastern Conference daily Cup playoff series? That'll be tomorrow night into Nassau Coliseum. The aisles winning gay wanted dramatic fashion overtime last night. Sports fifteen and forty five around the clock job cotija. Ten win. Sports rings news time, one seventeen acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan heads to Capitol Hill today to pitch. President Trump space force program today is Patrick Shanahan's one hundred day is acting Defense Secretary. He's only the third acting Defense Secretary in history. So how long can Shanahan stay acting under the vacancies act? It can be for new longer than two hundred ten days Shanahan's. One hundred ten day would be Tuesday, July thirty first, but there's a different app the Goldwater Nichols act that applies specifically to the Pentagon. It says there's no time limit on an acting officer this sets up the potential for a legal challenge should Shanahan hid day two hundred ten Storace bonded. Serena Marshall wins news time one seventeen..

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