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The death toll and Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka is rising thirties. Now say at least two hundred ninety people are dead and hundreds more injured the bombings went off in churches and luxury hotels across the country. Police arrested over a dozen people in connection with the bombings. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks yet. The US State Department says several Americans are among the dead. Meantime, the NYPD has beefed up a trolls around city churches after the Easter day, Sri, Lankan bombings. The NYPD says there's no direct threat against any church in the city, but gun toting cops can be seen outside places like Saint Patrick's cathedral and churchgoers say. That makes them feel a whole lot safer to base a mind. Go smile on Facebook after his out in the cardinal. Timothy Dolan says he's shocked and saddened by the bombing Christians. Sri Lanka will give us hope to think that they were at mass this morning on Easter Sunday. Even though there were threats Dolan says he's praying for those injured in the attack. No, one Laden W O R news flex in France. And around the world pay tribute to the firefighters who fought to save Notre Dame cathedral in a destructive fire last week at Easter mass yesterday, the archbishop of Paris led a prayer for the quick restoration of the eight hundred fifty year old church. Police are searching for the driver who struck and killed an eighty nine year old woman in Staten Island. Anthony, it a Seco was in the area when it happened. He says he can't believe the driver would just leave the elderly woman in the road. It's excuse me. Just keep going. Eighty.

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